NY ICE: Doing the Job the Federal Government Won't Do


July 8, 2010 New York, NY. NY ICE defends Arizona's SB 1070 against those who promote open borders. This is the first of several counter protests NY ICE will conduct to defend Arizona's SB 1070. This one takes place in front of the NYC Major League Baseball Headquarters, because the open borders advocates wanted to boycott all things Arizona, and, in their typical ludicrous fashion, DEMAND what they have NO STANDING and NO RIGHTS to: In this case, they wanted to prevent the next Major League Game from being played in Arizona.

Although New York is NOT a Southern Border(SB) State, NY is all-too-often where illegal aliens WIND UP after they illegally trespass and trample through the SB States, like Arizona.

NY ICE supports Arizona in all her efforts to do the job that the Federal Government will NOT do, and that's EFFECTIVELY secure the border, and enforce the U.S.'s OWN EXISTING IMMIGRATION LAWS.

NY ICE stands with Arizona, and Arizona's SB 1070!

Below is a Photo of one of the NY ICE Members at the Action, holding a sign that shows what the 14th Amendment was really about.  The 14th Amendment was never meant to be applied to the children of illegal alien mothers who have jumped the border in order to have what they can misconstrue as an American citizen.  Actually, the 14th Amendment was meant to be applied to the descendants of U.S. slaves:  black Americans.  That is why many black Americans have joined NY ICE, because the misappropriation of the 14th Amendment to the children of illegal alien mothers is very offensive to black Americans.  Illegal alien mothers abuse and misuse the 14th Amendment when they have their anchor babies.  Thank you, NY ICE Member, Sam, for standing up for what the 14th Amendment was really about:

Below is footage from NYC Major League Baseball Headquarters. THANK YOU to Pamela Hall for providing u.s. with it.  Please view the video below.  If you cannot open the Video below, this is the Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgMOWPBNmsg



February 2013--Arizonans Are NOT Having McCain's Mc-Amnesty

February 2013, Arizona.  At an Arizonan Town Hall Meeting, Senator McCain is called out on all his lies about illegal alien trespassers.

The American People were already promised effectively secured borders as a result of the 1986 amnesty "deal", which was ALSO supposed to be the last amnesty "deal".

And, today, McAmnesty McCain is trying to push another amnesty deal with his traitorous Sellout Senator buddy, NY's Schumer.  Schumer was a part of the 1986 Amnesty "deal" and knows full well its unmet promises.

Illegals are a NET COST to Americans.  And, Arizonan attendee Keith Smith gets it right.  Remove the magnets, particularly the ones that illegal alien trespassers receive through their anchor babies, and they will leave.  Please watch the Video Link below. NY ICE stands with Keith Smith: