NY ICE: Doing the Job the Federal Government Won't Do


NY ICE, as of press time, is NYC's ONLY grassroots activist group dedicated to having our existing immigration laws enforced.

NY ICE, though often mistaken for one, is NOT a "Tea Party".  NY ICE actually predates the tea parties, with our first action occurring in front of the Mexican Consulate in 2006.  (And, by the way, that location was chosen because most people illegally in the U.S. come from Latin America, and, of those, most are Mexican).

However, NY ICE welcomes all legal New Yorkers into our Membership, no matter what their political affiliation.  As such, we do have Members who are also involved in tea parties, but we also have Members who are Democrats.  We run the gamut, because the one Issue that unites us is our Struggle to enforce existing immigration laws.

This is a Struggle that we, as individual citizens, should NOT even have to fight.  We should be able to take it for granted that our borders are effectively secured and our home of the United States isn't constantly trespassed into.

This has been the federal government's responsibility for years, which they have colossally failed at, and the American People have been compromised as a result.

It is because of the federal government's failure to enforce *its own* immigration laws that Arizona was forced to enact SB 1070, which is just a re-packaged version, on the State level, of the federal laws that already existed (and that the feds weren't enforcing).

It is also because of the federal government's failure to enforce *its own* immigration laws that NY ICE was born.

If you are part of the awakened Americans who no longer wish to be complacent as our Cities and Country are trespassed into, often by people whose home countries use the U.S. as an escape valve for the people they don't want, contact NY ICE by email at:  progressrose@yahoo.com