NY ICE: Doing the Job the Federal Government Won't Do


On September 26, 2006, NY ICE protested in front of the racist organization called the National Council of La Raza (aka La Raza).  La Raza is a Hispanic supremacist, racist organization.  NY ICE maintains that there is no such thing as "reverse racism" (and, indeed, "Hispanic" is an ETHNICITY, not a race); racists are racists.  And, though racists may be of Hispanic descent, that does NOT immunize them from being called what they are:  racists.

Below are Photos of some NY ICers in front of the Manhattan office of La Raza.  Please note that the NY ICE woman in the forefront, protesting against La Raza, is herself of Hispanic descent.  NOT all people of Hispanic ancestry think the same way:

Below is the Press Release for our Rally Against La Raza:

For Immediate Release

September 26, 2006 at 5pm

New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement (NY ICE) will protest in front of the National Council of La Raza (aka La Raza) at 281 Park Avenue South (at 22nd Street) as part of NY ICE's agenda to expose illegal alien supporters.

NY ICE kicks off fall with a proactive protest in front of La Raza.  In doing so, NY ICE brings the fight to secure our borders to the doorstep of the near-infamous illegal alien supporter, La Raza, whose website features step-by-step instructions on how illegal aliens can evade immigration authorities.

Big Businesses support La Raza.  The following is just a list of a few of the businesses that are multi-million dollar backers of La Raza:  Citigroup, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

To preempt the accusation of "racism" that NY ICE has been forced to endure by counter protesters in previous rallies, NY ICE officially denounces racism.  NY ICE's President is herself Hispanic.  We believe that since the realities of the detrimental effects of illegal mass migration are indisputable, our opposition resorts to juvenile name-calling.

NY ICE believes that there are no jobs Americans won't do--there are only wages that Americans will NOT work for.  We are open to all Americans and legal immigrants who believe in enforcement-ONLY immigration legislation.  We represent the diversity and rich culture of the tri-state area, and welcome Americans and legal immigrants of all races, religions, and political affiliations who are united in our common struggle to protect our borders through enforcement-ONLY legislation.  Bush's spin-o-graphers want the people to believe in the false dichotomy of either mass deportation or legalizing mass importation.  We believe that attrition, whereby the rewards of illegal aliens are systematically taken away through enforcement of immigration laws like employer sanctions, would solve the problem.

For more information on NY ICE, please email:  progressrose@yahoo.com