NY ICE: Doing the Job the Federal Government Won't Do



Since NY ICE first arrived on the scene as the only group of its kind in NYC in 2006, NY ICE has had a staying power that has surprised many.  

NY ICE does NOT ONLY do public demonstrations, but it is the ONLY group that wants enforcement of existing immigration laws to do so, and to do so consistently.

When NY ICE first started doing public demonstrations, protests, and counter protests, there was hardly any public support for NY ICE.  But, as of press time, that tide has delightfully been changing!  NY ICE receives a lot of support from the NYC public when we currently demonstrate.

NY ICE gives voice to what a lot of legal New Yorkers are silently thinking:  Namely, that we have a right to control:  1)  who gets to come to our City and our Country and 2) who gets to stay here.  Any other problem NY may have is exacerbated by the fact that we don't control the endless illegal mass migration.

For those of you who may want to turn your thoughts into action, join NY ICE!  Contact progressrose@yahoo.com.

Some of our historical Actions are shown on the tabs at the left.  Additionally, below are some of the protests and events NY ICE has participated in or organized in its history:

February 6, 2008--  NY ICE attended The New School's immigration "debate" in NYC.

The informative Report-back follows the forthcoming photos. The photo below features some of the speakers. From the left-- The New School moderator, Heather Macdonald, Emilio Gonzalez, and Jorge Bustamente:

The following photo is of Heather Macdonald, who expressed many of NY ICE's views:

The following photo is of Jorge Bustamente, who is a shameless promoter of Mexican self-interest, whatever the American cost:

This is the Report-back from 2.6.08 New School Debate:

On February 6, 2008, NY ICE attended The New School's immigration "debate" in NYC. Speakers included Heather Macdonald, who is a City Journal contributing editor, Emilio Gonzalez, who is director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and Jorge Bustamente, who is founder and president of an organization that translates from the Spanish into "The School of the Northern Border".

As expected, NY ICE found the usual pity-party among the illegal alien advocates on the panel, and the usual purposeful confusion between illegal aliens and legal immigrants. There was the typical assumption that desire to come to the United States should be enough for entrance. The audience of a mixture of college kids and seniors were virtually hit over the head with the caricature of the pitiful, harmless illegal alien who just wants to work in this country in the "job Americans won't do".

Ah---the rhetoric. Never much mentioned is that these are jobs that illegals steal from Americans and legal immigrants by undercutting our wages, often sending money back home to Mexico to the tune of $30 billion American dollars per year (source: NY Times magazine). Never much said is that they are often unskilled and unqualified for the jobs that they steal-- jobs like construction. The effect of this is you have shoddy construction and its consequences: accidents and fatalities because these illegals often can't even read the basic English on a bag of sand! 

Jorge Bustamente did mention that Mexico treats its own illegals terribly, and much worse than illegals are treated in the U.S. However, when illegals from Mexico get here, they run towards the language of their "rights"-- rights that do NOT belong to them, nor are they rights that they would ever bestow on their own illegal trespassers in Mexico. Illegal aliens-- and that's what they are, NOT immigrants-- try to co-opt the language of the civil rights and immigrant rights movements in the hopes that the American public becomes too confused (or lazy) to notice.

Of the panelists, NY ICE most agreed with the comments made by Heather Macdonald. You can read an informative article by her here:


The farce of a Question and Answer period, in which hardly a question was answered, began after the panelists spoke. The moderator cited time constraints, but time would not have been so constrained if he hadn't allowed Jorge Bustamente to monopolize with his "jokes" and diatribes. But, then that would've required him to actually sensibly restore order with a Mexican citizen, which may have come off as "not nice", and that would've run him the risk of being called a "racist".

Which he can't have. So, there were many unanswered questions. And the people with the pro-illegal alien sympathies were allowed to ramble, but those that wanted enforcement of existing immigration laws were heckled.

One interesting moment was when a young man who possibly attends The New School actually called illegal aliens "heroes", and cried. They were heroes to him because of what he claimed they have to suffer in order to trespass into our country.

Another interesting moment was when NY ICE asked the panel, "Isn't it an affront to everyone who goes through the legal immigration process to have all of these illegal aliens here?" This question was, of course, unanswered. But, there is a process to coming to the U.S.-- legal immigrants are screened, as NY ICE stated to the panelists, for diseases, among other things. Now, due to illegals, we have incidences of diseases thought to be eradicated in this country, diseases like polio (source: CDC).

NY ICE said that illegal Mexicans see Americans as a bunch of stupid "gringos" for allowing them to infiltrate, and, if we allow them to stay and keep coming through any kind of amnesty, that's what we will be: stupid gringos. Then the NY Icer slammed the microphone.


June 14, 2007 (Flag Day).  A handful of NY ICE Members shocked the illegals and their supporters as they loitered around 37th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan, waiting to be picked up for a job they *claim* "Americans won't do".  More accurately:  A job they steal or undercut from an American.  Please also visit our "Faces of Hate" Page, http://www.nyice.us/FacesofHate.html, which will show some of their (obnoxious and obscene) supporters.

Here are photos of the women:

The girl below proudly declared, "I'm illegal.  What are you going to do about it?"  NY ICE replied, "If you're so proud, how about giving a name to go with your picture", and then she became quiet.  Below she is at the height of her arrogance:

And now, below, are some of the men.  The one immediately below features a man giving the other side's typical "argument":  the middle finger:

This man below threw a rock at a female senior citizen Member of NY ICE:

__________________________________________________________JuneJune June 30, 2006 NY ICE rallied in front of the offices of NYS "Sellout Senators": Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. The Report-back and original Press Release appear below the picture. The following picture is of a NY ICer in front of Schumer's office, and you can see the swarms of our opposition behind her:

The following is the Report-back:

On June 30th, 2006, our proactive Group rallied in front of the Offices of Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. We picked this location because, although we are grateful that both Senators voted for a fence to secure our Southern border, they did NOT prioritize interior enforcement. There are approximately 12-20 MILLION illegal aliens already here.  The accurate number is probably even higher.  (It is impossible to give an exact tally of those ILLEGALLY here, and, therefore, this number has to be an approximation). And, both Senators voted for guestworker amnesty legislation that would exponentially increase that already ridiculously-high number.

Learning from our previous protests, we accurately predicted to be outnumbered and bullied by counter protestors, but we went anyway because we believe in our Right to Protest when our representatives are selling us out. NY I.C.E. is comprised of brave New Yorkers that give voice to the silent majority of Americans who are fed up with the sheer lunacy of our country’s failure to enforce its immigration laws.

At the rally, these counter protestors, many of whom held up "Socialist Worker" newspapers and looked in their early 20’s, circled us repeatedly in an aggressive manner for at least 20 minutes into the rally, which enabled them to physically attack one of our members. Subsequently, another counter protestor shoved the megaphone into the mouth of that same member. Some of this violence and its perpetrators will be evidenced in photos on our "Face of Hate" page, http://www.nyice.us/FacesofHate.html .

This rally once again exemplifies the counter protestors’ affinity for violence and their attempts to silence us. We believe that since the realities of the detrimental effects of illegal mass migration are indisputable, our opposition resorts to juvenile name-calling and violence. Our "Faces of Hate" page will show several counter protestors giving us the middle finger, in what amounts to a parade of middle fingers. Also, one counter protestor tells our camera guy that filming her is "illegal". Hmmm…when did she get so concerned with what’s ILLEGAL? Does she mean like how the 12-20 million aliens, for whom she is marching, are ILLEGAL? More importantly, do our Senators really want to be associated with people who commit such actions and idiocy?

Yet, our Senatorial rally was a victory—we did what we came to do, and did NOT acquiesce to the intimidation tactics of our opposition, the Baby Brigade.

June 23, 2006NY ICE rallied in front of Revolution Books in NYC to bring illegal alien supporters out of the shadows. NY ICE chose this location because the counterprotestors at the previous rally reported to the press that they belong to Socialist groups and this bookstore is a Socialist hotspot. Furthermore, these counterprotestors also demonstrated their affinity for intimidation tactics when, AFTER THE RALLY, they stalked, surrounded, and mobbed at least one member of NY ICE, screaming repeatedly "racist".

Below is a Photo of how the other side looked that day.  Please note that their banner says " For a World Without Borders":

The Photos below are of what our side looked like that day: