NY ICE: Doing the Job the Federal Government Won't Do


The NY ICE opposition includes NOT ONLY illegal aliens who seek another amnesty, but also their various supporters, which often includes indoctrinated college children.  Our U.S. colleges and universities have largely become indoctrination mills, and their core courses often seek to "educate" their students in how NOT to think for themselves.  

As you can see by scrolling a little further down to our Photos, it is a lesson that most college students swallow whole.  Their go-to "argument" tends to be the display of the middle finger, which they often gang up to proudly parade.

First, however, let's pause for the recent case of ANOTHER "deported" illegal alien raping and murdering a ONE MONTH OLD BABY GIRL:

January 2012  NY ICE Member, Ruthie H., informed us of what happened.  This case will likely be duplicated on NY ICE's Special Victims Page, and the face of hate, of course, belongs to JUAN GALINDO, the illegal alien who had no qualms about brutalizing a baby in this way.  

Our NY ICE Arizonan friend, Anna Gaines, has borne witness to a similar tragedy of a *different* illegal alien raping and killing a baby when NY ICE was informed of this murder of a one month old baby.

The pro-illegal alien mob will undoubtedly say their tired slogan of "not all illegals are rapists, murderers, etc".  

Here is on-the-ground reality:  The VERY FIRST act of an illegal in the U.S. is one of defiance of assimilation into the U.S.:  Entering our Sovereign Country illegally.  After this initial disregard of assimilation, he/ she makes countless others.

The illegal who comes from Latin America, as this baby rapist-murderer, Juan Galindo, does, is BRINGING his "culture" with him, and this "culture" usually includes his village's or country's socially accepted, outright, and visible disregard for females.  He thinks it is his RIGHT (putting how they misuse "rights" really into perspective here) to rape a baby girl.  That's what SHE'S THERE FOR IN HIS EYES.

Frequent guest, Rusty Fleming, on Ruthie's "The Ruthie Report", has put it this way:  In most towns in Mexico [where most illegals from Latin America are, in fact, from], women are regarded as LESS THAN DIRT, NOT even the equivalent of dirt.

The illegal alien baby rapist murderer, Juan Galindo, also has 6 different children from multiple mothers.  He has a history of such behavior.  He was ALSO ALREADY DEPORTED.  Just goes to show...the border needs to be *effectively* secured.

FOR HER, for that baby who will never speak....

TALK about what happened to HER.  Below is a Photo of illegal alien baby rapist murderer Juan Galindo:


May 1, 2012  New York, NY.  NY ICE conducted its annual May 1st COUNTER PROTEST on May 1, 2012.  This also appears on the NY ICE Home Page.

Far from being "undocumented and unafraid", as they like to call themselves, pro-amnesty supporters were ILLEGAL AND VIOLENT.

NY ICE was spat on and had water and water bottles thrown at us.

NY ICE had different contingents throughout NYC, but this mob attack happened to just 3 of the NY ICE Members, and clearly shows the ganging up and BULLYING of the mob.

Also, the footage will show the NY ICE banner being torn, to the the glee of the adversary.

A girl in pink runs behind the President of NY ICE, Joanna, and then throws the NY ICE sign to the ground, and then retreats into the crowd.  The footage will show that as well.  The President of NY ICE is saying repeatedly that NY ICE "is what courage looks like", since it was just the few of us against the 100's of them.

Joanna says:  "I can barely keep up with my emails of encouragement that I have received from people throughout our Country who have viewed the footage of NY ICE, which, at the point and location of filming, was down to just *3* Members, being mobbed by a pack of rapid bullies".

For those of you who haven't viewed the video, please view it and share with friends.

Here is the Link, which Joanna shot herself while it was happening:  https://vimeo.com/87020888  



November 23, 2011, New York, NY.  Well, isn't this a Happy Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, it is during our holiday times that traitorous politicians try to sneak controversial legislation past us because they figure Americans are going to be too distracted with the holidays to notice enough to get upset.  Such is the case with Bloomberg, who very expectedly, and sneakily, signed the NYC Council's Intro 656 on November 22nd.  Intro 656 will FURTHER ERODE communication between Federal ICE agents and Riker's.  EVEN LESS of the illegal alien population at Riker's will face even the POSSIBILITY of deportation; they will just be released right back into the NYC general population.

A Link is included toward the end of this entry.  It is about Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who supported and voted for Intro 656 and has been arrested for his opposition to Arizona's SB 1070.  Most recently, Ydanis was also arrested in NYC's Zuccotti Park's "occupy" rally.

Ydanis Rodriguez was actually found GUILTY by the NYC Council's *own* Standards and Ethics Committee of inappropriate *groping* (sounds like Zuccotti, doesn't it?) of his *own* female staffer.

Let that sink in:  We have a NYC sexual predator COUNCILMAN who was found GUILTY by our own NYC Council involved in PUSHING for Intro 656.  He wants a say in whom among illegals at Riker's gets RELEASED back into the NYC population.

When those illegals who are released from Riker's under Intro 656 commit further crimes, and victimize more New Yorkers, who will be to blame?  The Council will be ACCOUNTABLE.

In the Hearing Transcript for 11.2.11, we have the Council allow for Rodriguez to vote AFTER the meeting has been adjourned.  Indeed, they WAIT for Rodriguez to come!!  Craziness.

In the actual Legislation of Intro 656, it states:  "Nothing in this local law shall be interpreted or applied so as to create any power, duty or obligation *in conflict* with any federal or state law".  Hypocrites!  THE ENTIRE LEGISLATION OF INTRO 656 INTERFERES WITH THE FED'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAW.

Here is the Link about Sexual Predator Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez:


And, below is a Photo of Sexual Predator NYC Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, with his comrade Councilman Chris Quinn, another NYC Sellout:


June 2006.  These "Faces of Hate" photos of NY ICE's opposition were taken during our rally in front of the NY Offices of Senators Clinton and Schumer on June 30, 2006.  The photos depict our opposition in various state of aggression.  Again, their go-to "argument" tends to be the display of the middle finger, which they often gang up to proudly display, as shown here:

The girl in the brown t-shirt with glasses in the following photo is shown trying to hit the NY ICE woman with the megaphone.  Another woman prevents her from committing assault:

Below is a close-up shot of the slap-happy girl:

The Photo below is of Jennifer Roesch of the International Socialist Organization (the socialist strain is very prevalent in our schools).  Jennifer is wearing a brown tank in the photo, and brought a little girl, presumably her daughter, to the rally.  Her daughter hangs her head low, visibly ashamed of her caretaker:

These 2 Photos below depict a blonde girl with a baseball hat and blue t-shirt as she clasps her hands to push a NY ICE Member.  This girl was consistently violent throughout the rally:

These photos below are just some shots of them in various stages of feeding off of each others' frenzy and ugly behavior:


June 2007.  On June 14, 2007, NY ICE protested the gathering of illegal aliens at 37th Street and 8th Avenue.  The following photos show some of their (obnoxious and obscene) supportive passersby.  They often resort to name-calling and obscenities because the facts on our side.  

This man below repeatedly cursed at NY ICE with a lot of F&*%'s before he hopped into a yellow cab:

The man below cursed, and, as the photo shows, stated the other side's "typical argument":  the middle finger.  He also told a female NY ICer to "suck his d*ck".  For what it's worth, he did apologize afterwards, even admitting that the U.S. has a right to control its own borders.  Here he is:

And, below is another one of their cursing supporters:


April 9, 2007.  NY ICE attended the nyu (new york university) immigration panel discussion.

Before the nyu event even started, one of our NY ICE Members, Jim B., who is a 65-year-old ex-Marine, was physically assaulted by the other side.  Below is a photo of what Jim looked like after the attack.  Below is a CONSEQUENCE of a face of hate; a NY ICE Member immediately after the attack:

The Photo below if of the perpetrator who attacked Jim, Marlon Barrios-Solano, in a close-up suitable for  a mug shot:

This is the Report-back of what happened, from the NY ICE President:

Jim and Elinore, another NY ICE Member, were walking toward nyu.  Elinore was wearing her "Secure the Border" cap and held a sign that said "Illegals Go Home".  A large younger man tried to tear the sign away from Elinore.  Jim B. defended Elinore, getting in between them.  The man punched Jim B. in the face, possibly with a weapon in his hand, because Jim sustained a gash in his face right below his eye.

Jim was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital (N.B. as of press time, St. Vincent's no longer exists, largely because it could NOT sustain the vast amounts of illegal aliens who were using the ER as a personal doctor, and, of course, not paying).

After the nyu event, which featured the typical attempt from the childish "other side" to silence us with cursing, yelling, and belligerence, I went with Elinore to the Hospital.

Always the soldier, Jim said that this was the "price of war".  He was ok.  The CAT scan revealed nothing serious.  The injury below his eye, however, looked terrible:  It was a large contusion that had already turned all shade of purple.  He had to have 4 stitches, and Elinore and I looked on while the surgeon, Andrea Cordova, sewed him up.  Jim said that the guy who assaulted him was arrested.  We later learned that his name was Marlon Barrios-Solando.