NY ICE: Doing the Job the Federal Government Won't Do



May 1, 2016.  NYC.  The above 2 short Videos are from NY ICE's Counter Demonstration of the open borders crowd.

For Photos of this action, please visit the following Flickr Links, credited to Pamela Hall:




April 2016.  New York, NY.  NY ICE counter demonstrated against the open borders crowd in front of the Grand Hyatt in NYC.  The Video above is raw, unedited footage and shows the nastiness of the other side, as well as an agitator ripping a NY ICE Member's sign.  You will not see this Video anywhere else.

For Photos of the event, credited to Pamela Hall, please visit the following Link:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157667190571825?ytcheck=1



January 8, 2016.  NYC.  The Above Videos show the illegals and their supporters blocking traffic near the ICE Center on Varick Street.  Credit for the Videos goes to Pamela Hall.

With signs that say "F*CK ICE" and "F*CK Your Borders", they block traffic during lunch hour and generally demonstrate that they feel like an entitled mob.  They also sit on cars.

One driver that they harass says they he is trying to simply get to work, but they don't care.  And, all this occurs during the honking of horns of other drivers trying to get to their destinations for whom these demonstrators have complete disregard. 

They created chaos during a NYC lunch hour, and they don't care, as long as they got in their street theater.

Of notable absence is any politician or political candidate. 

They care little if ambulances or emergency vehicles are trying to pass.  The positive gleaned from all of this is that more people will come to our side after seeing the siege they try to put us under.  As one of our more recent NY ICE Members put it, "This has to STOP".




December 20, 2015.  NYC.  NY ICE counter demonstrated in front of 725 5th Avenue in Manhattan.  The above Videos and Photo are from that counter demonstration, with the YouTube Videos credited to Pamela Hall.

The first 2 Videos reflect the same incident with an illegal alien agitator, who is holding TWO Mexican flags, and espouses anti-white racism while NOT even acknowledging the U.S. to be its own Country.  He pontificates about "history", which is illegal alien code for white guilt, and an introduction into his self-serving propaganda and lies.

The illegal alien proponents also had someone in a KKK costume come and insinuate his agitation on our side.  The KKK costumed man was completely concealed, purposefully obscuring his identity.  A NY ICE Member can be heard in the Video telling him to go back to his side.

Americans are NOT going to hand over our Country simply because you call us names. 

For the Flickr set of Photos, credited to Pamela Hall, please visit this Link:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/pamelahall/albums/72157662554708501


November 2015, New York, NY. Diane Atkins and NY ICE counter demonstrated in support of Trump's Message that illegal alien trespassers have no right to be in the U.S. This Action took place at Rockefeller Center's Saturday Night Live taping. The Photo and Videos above are from that Action, with the last Video also showing the open border demonstrators.

Diane exemplifies the true diversity of people who defend our Sovereignty. Even though she is a Ted Cruz supporter (though, evidently, the press that interviews her is oblivious to her Cruz shirt and she has to often repeat her Cruz support), she is showing support for Trump's MESSAGE that illegal alien trespassers have NO RIGHT to be in our Country. The other side claims to be "diverse", but they are often NOT.

Demonstrating their penchant for hypocrisy, the illegals who have no right to be here are trying to remove Trump's right to speak and bully him into silence, as they often try to do to people in our Movement.

Worse, as Diane states, there is the international joke of "deportation", when the illegals keep coming back through our porous borders after these so-called "deportations".

Americans will NOT feel guilty by false accusations of racism into giving our Country away. There is a growing Movement of Americans who are guilt-free in their efforts to protect our Homeland against illegal alien intruders, and Diane is one of these Americans. And, she is articulate despite being antagonized and despite the constant, shouted, droning demands of the illegal alien mob across the street.

To Quote Diane: "Our Government has a duty to protect American Citizens FIRST...the bottom line is that we have to protect the Sovereignty of America".


Pamela Hall credited for You Tube Video above

November 3, 2015.  NYC.   NY ICE supported Sovereignty in front of the 725 5th Avenue book signing.  The Video and Photo above are from that event.

It was inspiring to see the many Americans who came out to support U.S. Sovereignty, and the man who has used his celebrity status for our Movement, Donald Trump.  And, unlike many other Demonstrations, there were so many smiles!

This Issue has catapulted Trump to the top, though the Movement predates his presidential announcement.


NY ICE Resists D.A.P.A.

5.19.15 New York, NY. The above Videos are Raw Footage of the other side from NY ICE's counter demonstration against D.A.P.A.

D.A.P.A. stands for Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, and is the illegal alien movement's attempt to gain amnesty by using children.

The illegal alien movement seems to think that Americans are willing to throw away our Country with the mere mention of the word "children". These children are being used as pawns for their agenda, and, amnesties always lead to more amnesties. First D.A.C.A., now D.A.P.A.

In the first Video above, in a typical display of arrogance, a Hispanic illegal alien advocate tries to get a group of Chinese people to join him in speaking Spanish. Apparently, his arrogance has led him to believe that all illegal alien advocates speak Spanish, and, no, they don't!

Another elucidating interaction is when NY ICE is told that anyone who wants to come to our Country should be able to!

In the second Video above, NY ICE sings "God Bless America" at the end of a counter demonstration against DAPA.

No one from the other side sings along to "God Bless America", but they instantly counter with their standby slogan in Spanish, "Yes, we can", with an exploited toddler following the beat with his claps.

NY ICE is even getting some attention again from mainstream press. Here is that Link to the Associated Press article that received a lot of circulation in various other media platforms:  http://news.yahoo.com/immigrants-rally-reprieve-blocked-lawsuit-191507034.html;_ylt=AwrC1CmyUF1VegUApiDQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

Attention Illegal Aliens: No, you can’t and you need to Make the Road Back Home.

Meet the Spitter at the NY ICE Counter Demonstration on May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015, New York, NY.  NY ICE conducted its annual counter demonstration against those seeking to stampede their way into an amnesty.  As usual, illegal aliens and their supporters tried to ride the coattails of every other Movement, as they seek to make everything all about them.

NY ICE was spat at and endured other abuses, mostly verbal, and the Photo above is of a girl who spat at us.  But, NY ICE felt victorious in the end, because we had stood up for what most Americans and legal immigrants feel, and that's that we can't sustain the millions of trespassers, and their (usually many!) children that have come here illegally.  We ended it by singing an unrehearsed, yet well-sung, "God Bless America", a tribute to  Our Home Sweet Home that we seek to protect!

The 2 Videos below document some of the abuse we encountered:

And, below are Videos of NY ICE recapping what happened:

YouTube credit to Pamela Hall

And, below are some Photos of NY ICE:

The Flickr Photo set below is courtesy of Pamela Hall:

And, since illegals want to ride on the coattails of those who seek to increase the minimum wage, NY ICer, Jim M., points out to the press that the way to increase the minimum wage is to NOT let illegal aliens undercut our wages.

Illegals on Hunger Strike?!  Hardly.  The Liars Are At It Again

March 2015, New York, NY.  Illegal aliens seem to think that behaving like a bunch of whiny, entitled babies will twist the arms of legal New Yorkers into giving them the already multiply-defeated D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty.  The Photo above is of 2 of the NY ICE Members who were counter demonstrating.

For those unfamiliar, the D.R.E.A.M. amnesty is primarily about illegal alien college students having access to financial aid money.  It's about money, so, of course, they keep at it! 

Illegal aliens...listen up!  Once again, you are NOT part of the history of The U.S. Civil Rights Movement, and you did NOT inherit anything from Martin Luther King NOR his dream speech.  King never fought for illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens...YOU ARE given to unprovable theatrics, like this "hunger strike".  You know full well that there is NO WAY to monitor whether or not you are ingesting food, so, just like most of your "stories", this "hunger strike" is unprovable and unknowable, just like how many of you claim to have come to the U.S. as neonates! 

This "hunger strike" is just meant to prey on the legacy of American sympathy while you annoyingly, repeatedly whine your DEMANDS.

The fact that Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who was found guilty of sexually harassing HIS OWN STAFF, is one of the repeat performers in this ridiculous theater, speaks to lack of credibility of illegal alien supporters, and the bedfellows they keep.

Illegal aliens and their supporters are twisted.  But, NY ICE elucidates and educates, as when NY ICE Member, Jim M., is quoted in the press as saying, "I think it's outrageous for people who aren't even in the Country legally to demand subsidized college loans and displace from those college slots people who have the right to be in this Country".

And, in response to an onlooker who took issue with NY ICE accurately using the term "alien", Lisa O. says, "The word 'alien' is actually in the name of the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty which stands for "Development, Relief, and Education for ALIEN Minors." 

Illegal alien proponents so badly wanted to use the the "D.R.E.A.M." backronym (a purpose-serving acronym created to fit an existing word) that they were compelled to actually use the accurate term for people illegally here:  ALIENS. 

But, it is typical for for illegal aliens to only like the truth when it SUITS THEM.  Like when they constantly mention Native Americans, never heeding the fact that Apaches and Commanches of the Southwest actually defended their Land against the Mexicans.  (Let that sink in!)  And, in the case of the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty, when they are trying to co-opt King's "Dream" Speech, it's okay to be called ALIEN, but insulting otherwise.

NYPD Feels Betrayed By Mayor:  Maybe the Next Step is Eliminating the Mayor's Sanctuary City Policy

January 2015, New York, NY--  The NYPD feels betrayed by Mayor Wilhelm (de Blasio's real name) and has turned their backs on him repeatedly, as the Video above demonstrates.  There are many Videos online of the NYPD turning their backs on Wilhelm, but the above Video was filmed by a NY ICE Member who was in attendance.

The NYPD doesn't feel supported by him (and the internet is replete with explanations of the reasons for that).  And, the NYPD, incidentally, is viewed as the Mayor's underling, under his authority.  So, this is truly an unprecedented gesture of DEFIANCE.  

In feeling betrayed by the Mayor, the NYPD can join the club of legal New Yorkers who feel the same way.  The Mayor has been instrumental in getting identification cards in New York City for those illegally here, a program that will cost us at least 8 million dollars, and may exponentially grow from that, among other efforts to help those illegally in our City.

Now that turning their backs on our City's Chief Communist is on the table, maybe the next defiant NYPD step is to start enforcing immigration laws in this sanctuary city.  NYC as a "sanctuary" for illegals is a policy that predates Mayor Wilhelm, but he continues it, even though it goes against the interest of legal New Yorkers and OUR QUALITY OF LIFE.

It must be remembered that Wilhelm is a global interloper, who involved himself in furthering worldwide Socialist agendas, including involving himself in Nicaragua on the side of the Socialists there.

His agenda is NOT towards what is good for legal New Yorkers.  So, why should the NYPD be loyal to him?  Maybe the NYPD should now just ignore the Mayor's sanctuary city policy towards those illegally here.  That would insult him more than back-turning, and be a step towards actually improving NYC against the Third World Tide of illegals that Wilhelm is all for.  If the NYPD enforces existing immigration laws (which the Feds have failed to do), it would be a declaration of independence from a Mayor who does NOT serve the interest of legal New Yorkers.

The Racism of Open Borders Advocates:  NY ICE Demonstrates Against Obama's Executive Amnesty

Video #1 is of Racist Open Border Advocate: 

The following Videos are from NY ICE:

Video #2 of NY ICE below:

Video #3 of NY ICE below:

November 2014, New York, NY.  In this double-speak Orwellian world, it is the people who want our borders effectively secured and our existing immigration laws enforced that are often falsely characterized as racist, but the other side often has public, unfettered declarations of racism and nothing happens to them. 

This racism of the other side is shown in Video #1 above.  Racism AGAINST white people often runs rampant at these kinds of demonstrations. 

NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) was demonstrating outside of a viewing party of Obama's announcement to give an executive amnesty to millions of those illegally here, something he himself said he would never do. NY ICE, of course, OPPOSES this executive amnesty.

Video #1 is of an outside exchange that shows the racism of the other side.  The other side often quickly jumps to falsely insult us as racist, but this woman in Video #1 says that one NY ICE Member is not "red enough" to be Native American! And, she assumes that non-white people should automatically be on the side of those illegally here.

The other 2 Videos show NY ICE Members stating how Obama's amnesty will hurt the jobless Americans, and how he bypasses Congress in order TO MAKE SURE HE CAN HURT US.  This is where his priorities lie during these difficult economic periods:  NOT with Americans and legal immigrants, but with illegal alien trespassers.  He is doing his best to turn the U.S. into a Third World country, or make it worse of one, for those of you who already see the Third World as here.

The Opposition Isn't Getting the Message:  The Elections Show that Our Voters Do NOT Want Illegal Aliens in Our Country

November 2014, New York, NY.  The National mid-term elections, particularly for the the Senate, show that the American Voters do NOT want another amnesty for illegal aliens.  The American Voters have, in fact, repeatedly been telling our politicians, who are supposed to represent U.S., that we do NOT want another illegal alien amnesty, and that OUR government has to fulfill the promises it made to us years ago as part of previous amnesty "deals".  Promises like effectively securing our borders!

The pro-open borders advocates, however, do NOT get that message.  They keep holding "press conferences" and "town hall meetings" which do NOT allow our side to be represented.  The Video above is taken from NYC street level by one of the NY ICE Members who was excluded from this "press conference". 

NY ICE maintains that, in many ways, this is a war of words.  The other side announces that they will have "town halls" (like the one in the Video below at NY's Baruch College) and "press conferences" to pretend as if they believe in free discourse, when, really, it's nothing of the sort.  They are just pitching their usual propaganda to their base.

And, speaking of smoke-and-mirrors, the elections also were an indictment of Obama, since, particularly in the Senate, the outcome reflected the American Voters' disillusionment with how Obama's party has handled the illegal alien stampede.

We are done with Obama's D.R.E.A.M.S., and the house of cards and lies he builds them on.

For Video of the "town hall" at NY's Baruch College that kicked NY ICE out, please view the Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX9C-Z2KK3c

Baruch College Kicked NY ICE Out of Their Town Hall Meeting!


August 2014, New York, NY.  Baruch College in NYC kicked NY ICE and Border Patrol USA out of their town hall meeting at the front door!  The Video above documents the incident.

NY ICE and Border Patrol USA couldn't even make it into the public town hall meeting on our Issue at Baruch College; we were kicked out at the front door.  Evidently, Baruch feels that it has a border, but our Country doesn't! 

Welcome to the illegal alien idea of utopia--no dissenting voices allowed!  And, in this utopia, there is widespread indoctrination in our colleges of the largely fearful and impressionable American Youth, who are all-too-often receptive to the very marxist messages that will undercut them, and render them unemployed or underemployed in their chosen fields.

This was supposed to be a public town hall meeting, and we were kicked out.  Ironically, we were kicked out of Baruch by people who represent the interests of those who are illegally IN OUR COUNTRY and refuse to leave.  Their very presence is illegal.  Since this was booked as a town hall meeting, we had every right to be there, BUT they, without any "humanitarian" or "democratic" concern over OUR RIGHTS, kicked us out.

Enough is enough--we have to enforce our existing immigration laws against people illegally here, and who are hypocritical enough to kick us our of our own spaces.  People illegally here only care about our U.S. Laws insofar as they are able to distort and use our laws against us.

To add insult to injury, the Border Patrol USA Activist that is in the above Video is himself a GRADUATE OF BARUCH COLLEGE!

From New York to Texas:  Grassroots Activists Fight Those Trespassing into Our Homeland


August 2014--From New York to Texas, Americans are resisting the illegal alien trespassers.

The first Video above features a NY ICE Member reporting from the front lines in Flushing, which is in Queens, New York.  To those of us in this Movement, it probably comes as no surprise that the statistics of "deportations" have been fudged.  Furthermore, there's a revolving door of "deportees" that just keep illegally re-entering our Country.  Such is the case when the borders remain porous.

The second Video above is from Texas, and is only 20 seconds long, but shows our Texan allies standing up to illegals who planned to protest Senator Ted Cruz, who has consistently stood up for our Sovereignty.  They unfurled a banner that shows how much having all this uncontrolled illegal mass migration is hurting U.S.!  The illegal alien D.R.E.A.M. is our nightmare.

NY ICE Contributes to NATIONAL Day of Demonstrations Against the Recent Illegal Alien Flood: Our Borders are NOT International Jokes!

August 2, 2014, New York, NY. NY ICE contributed to the National Day of Demonstrations against the recent illegal alien flood.

Please watch the Videos above which were shot from our NY ICE contributions to the National Demonstrations against the most recent illegal alien border surge.  

The YouTube Video shot by Border Patrol USA shows NY ICE being told to move by a DHS functionary, while asking, "Why aren't you MOVING THE ILLEGAL ALIEN TRESPASSERS OUT?  WHY AREN'T YOU TELLING THEM TO MOVE OUT?"

The current illegal alien flood abuses and misuses the 2008 immigration law, which was supposed to apply to UNACCOMPANIED minors who are trafficking victims! Not people complicit in their own smuggling.  Obama is creating this crisis.

Much of the mainstream media wants to construe a case of an illegal alien toddler crawling for the border with a teddy bear, which is NOT the case and implausible.

The history of American compassion is being used against us to try to allow for thousands of trespassers to come here on a pretext, in their effort to gain access to the U.S.'s resources.

The U.S. cannot sustain this.  Obama is NOT operating in the best interest of the American People, which have, over and over, supported American sovereignty. He seeks to ignore us in the interest of those coming here illegally, and is assisting their Trojan Horse operations to come here. 

Special thanks and Credit to Pamela Hall for much of the Videos and Photos!  For the complete Flickr set, please visit:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157646177097062/show

NY ICE Member Reports from the Front Lines in Queens, NYC:  These Illegal Alien Trespassers  are NON-SUSTAINABLE


Below is a Photo of the alleged "children" coming to our home country:

July 2014, New York, NY.  NY ICE Member took his camera to an illegal alien-drenched part of Queens, NYC, to report from the front lines the NON-SUSTAINABILITY of the presence of illegal alien trespassers.

Please view the Video above, especially since many of our NY ICE national allies don't have a Ground-view of how saturated with illegals much of NYC is!

This Video coincides with the most recent effort of these trespassers to distort our U.S. laws to their advantage.  There's been a surge of illegal aliens claiming to be fleeing the "violence" in their home countries, and distorting a law that was meant for victims of sex trafficking and UNACCOMPANIED minors.

As the NY ICer in the above Video acknowledges, they are trying to take advantage of our American legacy of compassion, and use it against us.

Most of the mainstream press wants to concoct an image of an unaccompanied small child with a teddy bear who is somehow able to come to the U.S. by him/ herself.

The Photo above of these men on top of a train coming to the U.S. represents A LOT of the illegals who are actually coming to the U.S. and claiming to be "children".

They come here without valid identification, of course, so they can claim to be minors.

And the minors themselves are often very ACCOMPANIED by a parent, or a much older person.  Again, the law means they are supposed to be UNACCOMPANIED.

This is simply the latest pretext that these trespassers are using to take advantage of Americans.  Another NY ICE Member reports from the Ground in Central America that these illegals are often gang members THEMSELVES, fleeing the law in their home countries. 

They are BRINGING their violence to U.S.

NY ICE Stands With Murrieta, California:  Americans Make a Busload of Illegal Aliens TURN AROUND

July 2014--Murrieta, California.  Americans took a stand against the deposit of a busload of illegal aliens in Murrieta, California. 

The Video above will show Americans in California successfully stopping busloads of illegal aliens from being brought to Murrieta, California.

Particularly of note, in the Video, is when an American tells the Murietta Police that they are supposed to be on OUR side.  It is sad to see the Murietta Police serving as functionaries for agendas that promote the illegal alien stampede.

There is much talk about the illegal alien busloads being "children", many of whom are NOT, and many are older children if that.  But, using children has always been a part of the tactics of those who seek to infiltrate our Country.  And, we have an obligation to OUR OWN CHILDREN, the children of Americans and legal immigrants, to protect our resources from being overrun by illegal aliens.  

We cannot let illegal aliens use our American compassion against us. 

NY ICE is proud to stand with our allies in California.  Americans and legal immigrants do NOT owe illegal aliens anything.  We cannot sustain them, and they are a net drain on our resources.

Pervert at Pro-Illegal Alien Demonstration:  Counter Demonstration by NY ICE


June 28, 2014--New York, NY.

In the first Vimeo Video above, a pervert at pro-illegal alien demonstration grabs his penis in this Video, in front of children that he is supposedly "protecting".

For Photos of this demonstration and our NY ICE Counter Demonstration, please Visit these 2 Flickr sites: 

https://www.flickr.com/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157645458941213/ *and*


NY ICE counter protested at 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan against the demanding hordes of illegal aliens, who use their children to try to manipulate their way into the U.S. resources.

Children of illegal aliens are just pawns that they use to try to access the U.S.'s resources! Their families can be reunited in their home countries. Past amnesties have lead to the present situation.

The U.S. cannot sustain this!

Special THANKS and CREDIT to Pamela Hall for Photos and Footage.

NY ICE Counters the Annual Illegal Alien Stampede for Amnesty and Says:  "WE ARE THE NEW NATIVE AMERICANS!"



PHOTOS from May 1, 2014 are below...

THANK YOU to Pamela Hall for providing the Flickr set that appears in the following Link:


And, below is a Photo of the other side:

May 1, 2014, New York, NY.  NY ICE once again counter demonstrated the annual illegal alien stampede for amnesty in New York City.

The above Videos and Photos are from that day.  There is even one Photo above of the opposition.

Special thanks and credit to Pamela Hall for providing the Footage and the Flickr Photos, which you may view by clicking the following Link, if you haven't viewed them already:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157644473690272/.

The tide of public opinion in NYC is changing on this Issue; NY ICE received a lot of support.  Whether or not the Press airs that support, of course, is another matter!

In Video #3 above, NY ICE says, "We are the new Native Americans.  We are here defending our Land against trespassers".

In many ways, this is a War of Words, and the U.S. cannot sustain millions of illegal alien TRESPASSERS that are a huge net cost to our economy.

Their better life is costing U.S. ours!


The Photo below is the Committee on Immigration.  They do NOT look "DIVERSE"!:

February 2014--New York, NY. NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) appeared before 250 Broadway and City Hall in NYC to OPPOSE the new Mayor Warren Wilhelm's (aka de Blasio) proposal to give ID's to those illegally in the U.S.

As stated in Video #1, if these people are just the so-called "undocumented", what documents will they provide to legitimize this ID? "Undocumented" is just a euphemism for illegal.

Obama sued Arizona for trying to enforce the U.S.'s own existing immigration laws, citing that this is the Federal Government's' responsibility. So, it follows that he will soon sue Wilhelm aka deBlasio, since he is NOT a Fed!

For a great synopsis of our NY ICE efforts at City Hall, with more Photos, please visit the aptly-named "The Silent Majority"'s Page via this Link below:  http://thesilentmajority.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/red-bill-de-blasio-and-the-amazing-illegal-id-machine/


December 2013, New York.  NY ICE has NOT rested during his holiday season, and we are the only NYC-based anti-amnesty organization to consistently counter demonstrate against the DEMANDS of the illegal aliens.

The 2 Photos above are from our NY ICE December Demonstrations. 

From New York's Manhattan to Staten Island to Long Island, NY ICE has been there to say, "No, You Can't" to the illegals as they drone out their slogan-filled parade of propaganda in monotonous, tired tones.  Even the illegals and their supporters appear to be bored with their own propaganda.

And, if the illegals are, as they claim, "doing the jobs Americans won't do", WHY are so many of them available during work hours to harass our politicians and neighborhoods?  Their presence during WORK HOURS shows how fallacious that argument is.  Clearly, the U.S. does NOT need them to steal our jobs, since they are trying to stampede their way into amnesty DURING WORK HOURS.

In fact, our NY ICE attendees are usually much lower than the illegals at these events because most of us are working, and the NY ICE Members who are able to attend are often retired.  Our NY ICE retirees, like Pauline, attend these demonstrations instead of resting during their retirement, because that is how much they are invested in the future of New York.

NY ICE attends these demonstrations knowing full well that the mainstream press will largely ignore us, or our interviews wind up on the cutting room floor, as street reporters realize that there is, in fact, an AGENDA that their higher-ups answer to, and neutrality is something that was just taught to them in school.

Regardless, when NY ICE does get a sound bite in the press, it is immutable, as when NY ICE Member, Jim M., states that illegals are "DEMANDING citizenship", in this Newsday article that is slanted towards illegal alien trespassers http://www.newsday.com/long-island/suffolk/immigration-reform-rally-held-in-southampton-1.6566368

Our sound bites have to be immutable, because the mainstream press is often poised to try to paint us in a prescribed role by mischaracterizing us as "racist" although "illegal" is NOT a race, and the President of NY ICE is herself an American of Hispanic descent.

The press SHOULD REPORT that NY ICE knows that the U.S. OWES NOTHING to illegal alien trespassers AND that illegals are here because it is in their self-interest to be here, and illegals see the U.S. as a gravy train to be used without concern to the net DRAIN it is to U.S.  The illegal alien "better life" is costing U.S. ours.


November 4, 2013, New York, NY.  NY ICE Counter Demonstrated against the DEMANDS of the illegal alien trespassers (and their supporters) at City Hall in NYC.

The Photo above is of 2 NY ICE Members as they Counter Demonstrate.

The illegals were presenting the next NY Mayor with their list of demands, in their never-ending "audacity" to be demanding in a Country they have trespassed into.

As of press time, the new marxist (deliberately NOT capitalized) NY Mayor is Bill de Blasio, whose real name is Warren Wilhelm, and who supported the murderous marxists in Nicaragua.  (NY ICE's President is a descendant of LEGAL immigrants from Nicaragua).

At City Hall, the illegals presented their usual propaganda, deliberately obfuscating LEGAL immigrants with illegal alien trespassers AND, of course, NEVER once conceding that the U.S. is a SOVEREIGN Country.

If you can withstand it, here is a Link to their spiel:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErRap3f7Tjk&feature=youtu.be

Of note is that one of their speakers says that he "loves the media", and, of course, they do!  The biased mainstream media often ONLY represents one side:  THEIR SIDE.  The mainstream media often helps propagate their lies.  One media source that reported on the event even overstated the amount of attendees at City Hall, calling it a "flood".

The real flood is caused by the routine trespassing into our Country by illegals, and marxist Mayors like de Blasio who do NOTHING to stop the floodgates from remaining WIDE OPEN.

De Blasio ran a campaign for "everyone" which, when used by someone of his ilk, is a marxist buzzword, and will mean MOST legal New Yorkers will actually get a slice of NOTHING, except to watch the red carpet rolled out for "everyone" who wants to come to NYC illegally from other countries, in pursuit of their D.R.E.A.M. that is our nightmare.

NY ICE Conducts Outreach in NY's Staten Island AGAIN

October 2013, Staten Island, NY.  NY ICE conducted Outreach in Staten Island, New York.  Illegal aliens and their supporters have continued to try to intimidate their way into an amnesty by bullying our Staten Island politicians, so NY ICE is there to tell our politicians NOT to succumb to their intimidation tactics.

The above Photo is from that NY ICE Staten Island Outreach.

NY ICE's efforts are largely supported among LEGAL New Yorkers in Staten Island communities.  NY ICE reminds our politicians that people illegally here CANNOT vote legally, and our politicians are NOT supposed to be representing them.

NY ICE Tells Illegals, "YOU LOST":  Nationwide Counter Demonstrations Against the Illegal Alien  DEMAND for Amnesty

Photo #1:

Photo #2:

October 5, 2013, Nationwide.  NY ICE was part of  Nationwide Counter Demonstrations against the most recent illegal alien demand for amnesty.

The Photos above are from that Counter Demonstration.  Photo #1 is from our California resistance, called We the People's California Crusader.  Photo #2 is taken in NYC, and features a NY ICE Member, Jim M., holding the sign, "You Lost".

You see, it appears, in what is perhaps the epitome of irony, that illegals are upset that the American Government is taking "too long" to give them their invalid and undeserved amnesty.

Hmmm....well, the American Government promised the AMERICAN PEOPLE effectively secured borders in 1986, and we, the American People, are STILL WAITING for them to fulfill that promise. 

From the front lines, here is what NY ICE Member, Jim M., had to say: On October 5th, 2013,  speakers demanded in English and Spanish that illegal aliens be given citizenship and full access to government benefits. Bill de Blasio (who is likely going to be the next NYC Mayor), was the keynote speaker, along with his wife Chirlane McCray.  A theme that kept coming up in the speeches was their frustration that Congress isn't moving quickly enough to pass a mass amnesty law.

So, illegals are whining that our Government is taking too long to roll out the red carpet of reward for their trespassing.  NY ICE reminds them that that same Government is OVERDUE on its promise to effectively secure the border BY 27 YEARS and counting.

We owe illegals alien trespassers NOTHING, but our American Government needs to keep the promises it made to U.S.

NY ICE ASSAULTED While Conducting Outreach: Female Assailant CAUGHT on Film!

July 25, 2013, New York, NY. NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) conducted Outreach at the Staten Island Ferry subway station in NYC.

The 2 Videos and Photo above are from that Outreach.  The first Video above will show a girl who assaults NY ICE. After defending illegal alien trespassers as if they are the victims, she decides to VICTIMIZE NY ICE by assaulting us, and evidences her problem with Freedom of Speech when people are saying what she doesn't like (aka: The Facts!)

NY ICE wants Staten Island politicians who have spoken against illegal alien amnesty to remain OPPOSED to illegal alien trespassers. Illegal alien trespassers are NOT immigrants, and are certainly NOT legal NY voters. There is a process to coming to this Country as a legal immigrant, a process that an illegal alien circumvents when he/ she trespasses across our borders illegally or overstays their visas illegally.

NY ICE wants our politicians to show some backbone, and stand firmly against the intimidation tactics of the other side. New York's legal voters are taking notice.

NY ICE at the DC March for Jobs

July 15, 2013, Washington, DC.  NY ICE Members joined National groups and individuals opposed to amnesty for those illegally in the U.S. at the "DC March for Jobs".  The above Video and 2 Photos are from the DC March for jobs.  The Video is 2 minutes long and VERY inspiring and worthwhile. 

Particularly noteworthy in the Video is Iowa's Steve King's statement, when referring to the extreme heat on that day, that "I think it's altogether fitting and proper that we should sweat here today as we stand up for the American worker".

The emphasis of this March was on the detriment of the illegal alien stampede on the American worker, and it was organized by Black Americans. Black Americans were there to say that illegals undercut the wages of jobs that have often employed the Black American worker, stealing jobs from the Black American worker and family.

But, illegals ONLY want to frame their story in terms of THEIR families, and never mention the harm the net drain of their illegal alien presence does the Black American (or any other American!) family.  They never concede that the U.S. is supposed to be a SOVEREIGN country.

NY ICE has long maintained that there are no jobs that Americans won't do, only wages that Americans will NOT work for.  When illegal aliens trespass into the U.S. and ILLEGALLY obtain jobs (let us NOT forget that it is illegal for an illegal alien trespasser to even have a job, as well as it is illegal for the employer to hire them), they UNDERCUT the American wages for those jobs.  Illegals are often working in the cash economy, so employers can often pay them whatever they want, and this, of course, is unreported and untaxed income. 

This is an amenable situation for the illegal alien because they are often sending the money back to their home countries, where the American dollar goes further, and many plan to "live like kings" upon their return. 

Illegal alien trespassers have NO sympathy for the American and legal immigrant families that they are undercutting and the U.S. resources that they are draining.

Americans owe illegal aliens nothing.

Americans Don't Owe You Illegals ANYTHING:  Countering the Illegals AND the Spanish Press at Cuomo's Office

Video #1 below:

Video #2 below:

Video #3 below:

Video #4 below:

June 11, 2013, New York, NY.  NY ICE counter protested the illegal aliens most recent push for their D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty in front of NY Governor Cuomo's Office.

Members of the Spanish Press NOT ONLY openly colluded with illegal alien college students, but they were obscene and violent, especially illustrated in the 1st and 4th Videos above.  The Spanish Press is typically biased for every illegal alien amnesty, but they were shamelessly supporting the illegal alien stampede on this occasion.

PLEASE at least watch the 10 minute Video #1 above, or at this Link:  http://youtu.be/SGOPKnanNds

This Video will evidence, at about the 7 minute mark, a male reporter from the NTN 24 Spanish Press try to intimidate NY ICE by saying, "You are NOT allowed (?!) to publish that, and, if you do, I'm going to sue your fu*king ass, b%tch". He then actually PUSHED NY ICE.

NY ICE comments in Video #1 that illegal alien supporters ALSO try to invent their own laws, like the NTN 24 Spanish Press reporter above did.  No, NTN 24 reporter, we are "allowed" to film YOU, but illegals are violating U.S. Law when they illegally TRESPASS or illegally remain in our Country!

Video #1 will also show the intimidation tactics and violence that are the standards for the other side. And, they try to block NYC traffic in a stampede that interferes with a NYC bus.

Watch Video #1  to see what this war is really about in NYC, and how illegal alien college students, far from being "unafraid", are actually DEMANDING BULLIES.

They are NOT immigrants. Immigrants go through a process, and the D.R.E.A.M. amnesty isn't even about access to college, but about access to FINANCIAL AID.

Videos #2 and 3 above will further evidence how the illegals act like a mob, and that they are, in fact, proud to act like a bunch of bullying babies.

Video #4 above is a NY ICE Interview by the Spanish Press. At about the 49 second mark, a Member of NBC Universal (a Spanish Media Station) starts to make a VERY obscene gesture with his tongue repeatedly to the female NY ICE Member who is taping.

NY ICE stayed strong throughout the whole Counter, despite the bullying babies of the other side, and the Spanish Press's support for the stampede.  The Photo below is of 2 NY ICE Members:

MEET MARIA:  Countering Cognitive Dissonance at the NY ICE Demonstration to SUPPORT Senator Ted Cruz

May 29, 2013 New York, NY.  NY ICE defended Senator Ted Cruz against the protesters of his appearance at the Grand Hyatt in NYC.

Senator Cruz has been outspoken about defending the U.S.'s Sovereignty, and, because of that, he OPPOSED the Sell-out Senate's S.744, which will allow, in addition to trespassers, violent criminals to remain in the U.S., despite false claims to "criminal background checks". (Other countries, like Mexico, where many illegals are from, will NOT release their criminal records to the U.S.).  S.744 could be rejected solely because of it pretenses towards protection of the American People.

The first Video above shows the cognitive dissonance often present in the other side of this Issue. NY ICE interviews a woman called Maria, who is on a student visa, and doesn't want to acknowledge that the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty would work against HER OWN self-interest. She, in fact, at first confuses the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty with welfare, and not knowing the facts is very prevalent on the other side.

There's a priceless expression of quizzical disdain that an unnamed woman who disagrees with us give us at about the 1:13 minute mark.

This is an informative Video, in that it shows how our Youth is being indoctrinated to operate against their own self-interest, and the cognitive dissonance that results from that. Maria has no response to the Question about why illegal alien student should be allowed to compete with HER for classroom space or subsequent job availability.

The final shot of this 1st Video is of a NY ICE Member, holding his sign against the 100's of adversaries across that street that reads, "Senator Cruz Stand Firm".


The 2nd Video above features NY ICE Members stating why they stand behind Ted Cruz as he joins us in the Struggle for our Sovereignty. 

It is interesting to note that majority of the passersby in NYC expressed support for NY ICE, though, perhaps sadly, in hushed tones most often, indicating they are truly the ones "in the shadows".  The ground war in NYC has changed on this Issue, and our NY ICE persistent presence of standing firm in the facts has won over many legal New Yorkers.

Countering the Illegals' Exploitation of Father's Day at the NYC ICE Detention Center

June 14, 2013, New York, NY.  NY ICE counter demonstrated, once again, at the Federal ICE Center at Varick Street in NYC.

The Photo Above is from that Counter Demonstration, and features a NY ICE Member boldly holding a "NO AMNESTY" sign against the stampede of illegal aliens who are trying to exploit Father's Day for amnesty.

At the Counter, an illegal told NY ICE that we were "ruining" their day, but, in fact, they are trying to continue to ruin our Country.  Also, as the Video above demonstrates, illegals are fond of saying they "are human", but that is just another deflection.  They are humans who are illegally here, as the NY ICE Member in the above Video eloquently states amidst the hoards of illegals NOT IN THE SHADOWS behind him.

Contrary to their propaganda, Federal ICE is NOT conducting raids or detentions in any kind of massive way.  MOST illegals that are detained are, in fact, detained for other reasons, like drug-dealing, that are in addition to their illegal status.

And, in fact, most of these illegal alien fathers have other children in THEIR HOME COUNTRIES that they separated themselves from.  In fact, deporting them would serve to reunite these illegal alien fathers with their children in their home countries.

Illegal alien advocates always act like the U.S. is the ONLY country where illegal alien families can be reunited, and that's because they want access to the U.S.'s resources.

Most of these illegal alien fathers are INTERNATIONAL Johnny Appleseeds, fathering multiple children in different countries.

Don't be fooled by their propaganda that goes against the self-interest of the citizens and legal immigrants of the U.S.!

Their D.R.E.A.M. is OUR Nightmare:  Countering the Illegal Alien Push for D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty in NYC

May 28, 2013, New York, NY.  NY ICE Members Countered the newest illegal alien push for the D.R.E.A.M. amnesty.

The Photo above represents a NY ICE Member who attended this Event, who, despite being outnumbered but NOT alone, refuses to be intimidated and stands up against the attempt of illegal alien students to access college financial aid, which has the misleading acronym of the D.R.E.A.M.

The Video above will show how some of New York's politicians, in particular this Comptroller DiNapoli, have sold out legal New Yorkers in favor of these trespassers, and, who, in the topsy-turvy logic that these traitorous politicians typically exude, tries to act like he is the one who has "manners".

Manners?!  Since you, DiNapoli, disregard our U.S. Sovereignty, your crime goes far beyond the problem of your manners.  DiNapoli, you act as if you are PERFORMING, an UN-funny stand-up comedy routine designed for people who can't think for themselves, and do NOT know this Issue.  Those who know this Issue, like the NY ICE Members that were able to attend this DiNapoli circus, know there is a PROCESS to coming to the U.S. the legal way.  A process which you ignore and distort as you pretend that illegal alien trespassers are the same as legal immigrants, who go through this process to come to our Country.

The fact of this Issue is that illegal alien college students ALREADY have access to college, and, in fact, are already there, but they want ACCESS to financial aid.  They want U.S. to pay for it.  They want the money.  And, they will be wrongfully competing with Americans and legal immigrants to get that financial aid if the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty passes.

Illegal alien college students also are trying to co-opt the legacy of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement by calling their amnesty the "D.R.E.A.M."   King was NEVER fighting for illegal aliens, and is probably rolling in his grave at how his legacy is being used.

Not that these illegal alien college students care.  It's all about lying, and saying whatever they think they need to say, to get what they want:

The U.S.'s Resources.

National Press Conference OPPOSING S.744 Amnesty:  We do NOT Need to Barter for Our Borders

May 21, 2013, New York, NY.  NY ICE contributed to the National Day of Press Conferences OPPOSING the Amnesty Bill called S. 744.

This National Press Conference was organized by NumbersUSA  whose website is https://www.numbersusa.com/content/ and Remember 1986, whose website is http://remember1986.com/ .

Among the Speakers featured in the above Video is Carmen Morales.  Carmen is ANOTHER American of Hispanic descent OPPOSED to any form of amnesty for those illegally in the U.S.  (There are a lot of U.S. Americans of Hispanic descent opposed to illegal aliens.  The mainstream Press just largely ignores us, though). 

Carmen gives another of her infamous, impassioned speeches.  Particularly notable is her delineation of what the Government SHOULD be doing and considering before trying to shove another amnesty "deal" down the American Peoples' throats.

And, this latest amnesty deal, S. 744, is filled with smoke and mirrors that will sacrifice American families.  Most notably, it pretends that it will be able to conduct criminal background checks of illegal aliens.  That is an impossibility.  For example, the Mexican Government (and most illegals are from Latin America, and, of those most are Mexican) will NOT release the criminal histories of its Mexican citizens to what it considers to be the "foreign government" (!!!) of the U.S.

NY ICE has notified the Staff of Rubio's Office about this, and many did NOT know that criminal background checks of illegals will be an IMPOSSIBILITY.  They know now, so how can Rubio still be trying to jam through S.744, with its clause about criminal background checks, knowing that those are impossible?

As most Members of NY ICE know, there was a major amnesty in 1986 that was SUPPOSED to give us effectively secured borders as a result.  The government just needs to fulfill its past promises, from past amnesty "deals", AND NOT attach it to future amnesty "deals".  There is no need to barter for our borders, our Sovereignty. 

Thank you to all the NY ICE Members who were able to attend this National Press Conference and organize it, especially to Charles B., who was able to speak.

In addition to the Video above, here is a Link to some Photos of the Press Conference opposing S.744:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157633580785700/

From the Front Lines on May 1, 2013:  NY ICE Counters the Annual Illegal Alien Stampede for Amnesty

May 1, 2013, New York, NY.  NY ICE Counter Protested the Annual illegal alien stampede for Amnesty.

The inspiring Photo above is from that NY ICE Counter Protest and depicts a NY ICE Member, Lisa, with 3 young Americans who PREVIOUSLY were on the other side.

Just when you thought all might be lost with our indoctrinated American Youth, something inspiring happens! 

Lisa was able to give these young Americans some FACTS about illegals and their demands.  In fact, the demands of illegal aliens would infringe upon these youths and their futures, their capabilities for a better life.

The illegal alien "better life" is COSTING Americans theirs.

Often, our American Youth does NOT even know about our side, and is indoctrinated into complicity with the other side, without even being aware that Americans exist who are struggling FOR THEM against the illegal alien stampede.

Illegal aliens are operating in their own self-interest, but it is NOT in the OUR self-interest to have them here.  They devastate our economy and infrastructure in countless ways.  For our American Youth, this means overcrowding our NY public schools with their anchor babies and soon to be "D.R.E.A.M." children.  Many American Families feel forced to send their children to private schools, which is not always financially feasible.

And, if the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty passes, it is our American Youth that will suffer.  They will not only be forced to compete with illegal alien students over college admission and classroom space as they are presently, but will be forced to compete over the finite amount of financial aid, which is what the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty is primarily about.

Another NY ICE Member, Jim M., reported, "There were 3 times as many people FOR NY ICE as against us".

The tide has DEFINITELY changed here in NYC, whether the mainstream media wants to report it or not!

NY ICE Counters the Most Recent Illegal Alien Stampede in DC

April 10, 2013, Washington, DC.  NY ICE counter protested the most recent illegal alien stampede for amnesty on our Nation's Capitol.

The Photo and Video above are from that NY ICE Counter Protest in DC.

The Photo is of a NY ICE Member holding a sign that refers to the big Amnesty of 1986, and says, "They lied then, they're lying now". 

Indeed, they are lying now.  Especially since NY's Sneaky Senator Schumer has his fingers all up in this newest Amnesty proposal.  Schumer was A PART of the 1986 Amnesty, and knows full well how he deceived the American People by promising effectively secured borders as a result of that "amnesty deal".  Now, ONCE AGAIN, in his reverse of the Midas touch (everything Schumer touches turns to garbage), he is the egomaniac behind the  introduction of a similar bill that will NOT guarantee  effectively and permanently secured borders BEFORE giving amnesty to illegal alien trespassers.  

Besides which, the bureaucrats that dominate the Department of Homeland Security's ICE Unit are NOT equipped to handle any of these Schumer-proposed complications.  There are already immigration laws on the books that federal ICE is NOT enforcing.  This Senate bill would introduce more laws that ICE would not have the resources to implement or comprehend, amounting to just more laws that it wouldn't enforce. 

It would, in fact, be much easier, LESS complicated, and more cost-effective to just enforce our existing immigration laws and permanently secure our borders.

The Above Video shows how little illegals are "in the shadows", like they claim to be. Hundreds of illegals stampede by in the few minutes it takes to film this footage, and they are storming our Nation's Capitol like it's a habit.  They are clearly NOT in the shadows!  Many are shown pushing strollers with anchor babies in them, and THIS just represents the illegals who are already in our Country, NOT the ones that they would CHAIN MIGRATE into our Country, if God Forbid, they are legalized.  Chain migration is the name of the game for them, NOT "keeping their families together", because their families could be reunited in their HOME countries, but to deplete the U.S.'s resources.

NY ICE did get some mainstream Press from this Counter Protest as well.  The Links below are of the mainstream Press Links.  NY ICer, Jim M.'s, quote appears toward the end of the first article.  And, yes, this is NOT the illegal alien home.  It's our Home.  We are protecting our Home, and our Families, against intruders: 



April 2013--NY ICE Counters Amnesty in New Jersey

April 6, 2013, Jersey City, NJ.  NY ICE and their supporters counter protested the push for legislative amnesty in Liberty Park, Jersey City.

The above Photo and Footage are from that Jersey City counter protest.

The Footage will show Jersey police ushering NY ICE away from where they were standing, but the area was a Public Park.  A NY ICer can be heard repeatedly saying, "But I'm an American Citizen".

The policeman says, "I'm doing my job". 

Umm...excuse me...isn't a cop's job to uphold the law?  And, isn't an illegal alien trespasser BREAKING it?  So, in effect, the cop is telling an American Citizen, who has a right to be in a Public park, to leave, so that illegal alien trespassers can stay?

And this part is ALMOST FUNNY:  The whole scene transpires to the tune of the song lyrics "Jump on It" that is being blasted by the illegals' sound system.  So, yeah, they "jumped on it", or rather, over and under and through, our Borders and immigration system, and this cop is handcuffed to doing anything about it.

Except tell peaceful American Citizens to move.

NY ICE did receive some mainstream Press from this Counter Protest.  Below is the Link to that article, with our quotes appearing toward the end:


March 2013--Uncle Tom was Fictional and So Is the Other Side's Argument:  NY ICE Counters the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty

March 28, 2013, New York, NY.  NY ICE counter protested those that are seeking the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty for illegal alien college students.


The Above Videos are of an Agitator harassing NY ICE, who subsequently tried to defile NY ICE's Banner with a marker (he didn't)

He calls a Hispanic-American NY ICer an "Uncle Tom", but "Uncle Tom" was a fictional character, and his "argument" is equally fictitious!

NY ICE is the ONLY grassroots, activist organization in NYC devoted to having our existing immigration laws enforced and our borders effectively secured.


Amnesties always lead to more amnesties.


The D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty is NOT even about giving illegal alien college students access to college (which they already have), but is about giving them access to financial aid.  They NOT only want to be able to go to college while illegal, but want Americans to PAY FOR IT.


What "audacity"!  What shamelessness.


There have already been amnesties.  The notable Amnesty of 1986 was supposed to be the last one.  The American people were promised secured borders as a result of that 1986 Amnesty deal, which, of course, never happened.


NY's Sellout Senator Schumer was a part of that 1986 Amnesty deal, and he is a part of the Senate's Gang of Eight TODAY, acting like we still have to barter for our borders, when he hasn't even fulfilled the promises of the 1986 Amnesty "deal" that he made!


All these piecemeal amnesties are at the expense of the American people.

NY ICE has received nation-wide support for this effort.  One comes from hard-hit California, from a group called We the People's California Crusader, and her touching comments are included below:

That part in the video where your people held on and defended that sign just was so profound - I was going YES GO AMERICA - and your guys looked so brave and righteous and the agitator with the pen looked small and bad.
You made an excellent point when you were telling him freedom of speech for all, THEN he actually said on film there is only freedom of speech for the truth - his truth of course WOW that was unbelievable he actually said that. Now that is a fascist statement if I ever heard one.
Your interview at the end was so well said and articulate - about the Americans in NY being the shadows not the hundreds of illegals.   You guys were awesome for standing up and I think you all had a lot of impact - great report and videos!!!!!


March 2013--NY ICE Says to the Group, Move On, "Move OUT"!

March 2013, New York, NY.  NY ICE Countered a Move On event advocating for legislative amnesty in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The Above Videos are from that NY ICE Counter, and the Upper West Side is known to be very sympathetic to illegal aliens. 

NY ICE maintains that our sympathies belong with the real victims:  Americans and legal immigrants who suffer a net cost from illegal mass migration.  The costs incurred by illegal aliens is immeasurable, just like the actual number of illegal aliens present in the U.S. today is immeasurable.  The costs include, but are NOT limited to:  Costs to our hospitals, schools, housing, and job situation.  And, that's without EVEN going into the disproportionate amount of illegal alien trespassers that are ALSO violent criminals.

And, through chain migration, whereby anyone who even *claims* to be family can "reunify" with an anchor baby, the already-strained U.S. resources are exponentially stretched further.

We do NOT owe anything to those illegally here.  And, as the video will collaborate (please watch it), we were already promised secured borders as the result of the 1986 Amnesty "deal".  So, there is no need to barter for the borders NOW!  Our government needs to fulfill long-overdue promises of effectively securing our borders!

Our NYC Sellout Senator Schumer was a part of that 1986 Amnesty deal, and he knows full well that government never made good on its promises to secure the border THEN.

20 years later, and 6 micro-amnesties later (1986 was NOT the last amnesty, although we were promised that, too!), our borders are still porous, and Sellout Schumer is acting like we have to barter for the border again.  We don't, and Schumer isn't representing the best interests of legal New Yorkers when he behaves as if the U.S.'s Sovereignty is something to play "let's make a deal" with.

Below is a Link to some Photos of our NY ICE Counter on the Upper West Side, and we were joined and supported by Gotham Tea Party's Leader, Lawrence W.:


March 2013--NOT Everyone in California is D.R.E.A.M.-ing:  Countering the Illegal Alien BUS TOUR in California

March 5, 2013, Brea, California.  The illegal alien bus tour, financed by the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and other traitors, encountered anti-amnesty advocates when they made their demanding rounds to different California Congressmen's Offices.  The Photo above is from the counter protest to that bus tour, and the photographed woman shows what just 2 hands can do:  She's holding up 3 signs while blocking the view of the bus that brought the illegal aliens.

NY ICE has long stated that illegal aliens are NOT in the shadows, as they like to depict themselves.  Far from it.  They are NOT "undocumented and unafraid" as they like to call themselves, but illegally here and DEMANDING.

This time, they are making their DEMANDS via a bus tour, paid for by others (of course!), like the SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

Like NY, California is extremely hard-hit by the illegal alien stampede, and many have written California off as a goner.  BUT, there are fighters in California and New York.  Fighters like We the People California's Crusader, who organized the counter protest to the illegal alien bus tour in California.  And, of course, there's NY ICE in NYC.

Below is some Video from when the illegal alien bus tour landed on a California Congressman's Office, and their demands are set to the beat of incessant drumming.  It's very short, and about 25 seconds in, you see a illegal alien amnesty advocate with her 2 young children in front of her, and looking pregnant with another.  Looks like she's making a career out of having anchor babies!  The U.S. owes you nothing!  Why do you think we do?


March 2013--From the Front Lines:  A NYC Nurse Witnesses the Anchor Baby Abuse of Our Health Care System

March 2013, New York, NY.  The above Photo was taken at a NY ICE Counter Protest in front of the Major League Baseball Headquarters in NYC, where an illegal alien parent is perhaps perfectly illustrating how she intends to use her child for amnesty by slapping an "amnesty" sign unto the baby's stroller.

AND, if this baby is amnestied, undoubtedly, CHAIN MIGRATION of the entire family will commence.  The baby is viewed as a useful GATEWAY to the U.S.'s resources for the entire family. 

From the Front Lines and in her own words, a NYC nurse and NY ICE Member bears witness to how anchor babies are used for access to the U.S.'s health care system by their own parents.

The nurse's testament to how exponentially destructive and unsustainable this anchor baby abuse is follows:

"I am a pediatric nurse practitioner who has been working with a pediatrician who cares for anchor babies. I need to tell someone that the illegal parents use the children's Medicaid to obtain many prescriptions, nutritional supplements and medical devices which they do not need. Those medicines are either used by illegal adults or sold for cash. Every day I have parents coming with fabricated illness, demanding Motrin, Robitussin, nebulizers, Pediasure, vitamins, even diapers. An illegal parent even wanted a script for new shoes because their child had sore feet.

When, I say 'No. That is not needed.' not only do they get angry with me, but the doctor also does. He wants them to keep coming, in large numbers, so he can bill Medicaid. At night, these patients hit the ERs for more and more stuff. Often I can get older children to tell me the truth. ie 'What is wrong? What hurts?'

If the child replies, 'Nothing' in Spanish, the mother scowls and yells his coaching at him, instructing him to say, in Spanish, 'A lot of coughing, a lot of fever'.

The New York Medicaid system is being plundered. Many of these folks have babies every 10 months or so. They give no thought to the fact that they cannot afford them. They holler at me for my not so great Spanish.

'Get someone in to speak Spanish!'. The doctor's office workers are illegal girls who encourage only Spanish and getting more of the U.S.'s resources for their neighbors and friends through their anchor babies, the anchors to the U.S.'s resources.

The system has to collapse at some point."

NB.  Proficiency in English is supposed to be criteria for legal admittance into our Country, English being our Common Language.

NY ICE talks about the abuse of the health care system by illegals in the coming-soon NY ICE Documentary.  Below is the raw footage Link:


February 18, 2013--Protesting the President for President's Day

February 18, 2013, Nationwide.  For President's Day, there were national protests of president Obama and his illegal alien amnesty proposals.  The Photo above is a part of that, and taken in Brea, California, where the group, We the People California's Crusader, were protesting.

Like New York, California is extremely hard-hit by the illegal alien stampede, and many people have written California off as a goner.  But, there are Americans still fighting this stampede even in California (and even here, in NYC, which NY ICE is a testament to).  We commit to this fight without the assistance of our federal government, which is compromised under Obama.  It is THEIR job to enact existing U.S. immigration laws, and they have ignored their responsibilities to the American people for decades, which is why groups like We the People California's Crusader and NY ICE have to exist.

NY ICE stands with the resistance fighters in California, and can sympathize with the uphill marathon those allies of ours have there!

Please read the entry below about Obama's Shakedown Showmanship to find out more about why there are national anti-president protests on President's Day.

You can also watch some of what NY ICE has to say about Obama in the upcoming Documentary's raw footage:


February 2013--Obama's Shakedown Showmanship:  The Obama Bully Strikes Again

February 2013,  Nationwide.  The above Photo is of a little girl, who was working with the California group, We the People California's Crusader, in their opposition of Obama's pro-amnesty speech in Las Vegas this past January.

A lot of recent events are to be expected when you have traitors in our government, and a President who isn't operating in the best interest of the American people.

For those of you who haven't been following recent events, basically, the Senate has *outlined* an illegal alien proposal, with NY's Sellout Schumer taking a big part in it.  NY ICE has met with Schumer's NY Office repeatedly, though NEVER with Schumer himself, who appears to always be in DC, peddling HIMSELF!

Additionally, Obama has made a speech in Las Vegas about our Issue.  This Las Vegas event was counter protested by our side, and the above Photo of the enlightened, anti-amnesty little girl is a part of the event organized by the anti-amnesty group, We the People California's Crusader.

We have to understand the characters of the people playing politics on our Issue.  Obama, just like Sellout Schumer, is heavily into Showmanship.  It's like he's an actor.  He believes, as per the book he authored, Audacity of Hope, that if you convincingly pretend to be something, most people won't notice that you are, in fact, just pretentious.   He pretends to be whatever is necessary to further his agenda.

It's well-suited that Obama would make this speech in Las Vegas, since Las Vegas seems well-suited to fakery.

Another part of Obama's character is this:  As he has shown when the D.R.E.A.M. amnesty was righ
teously shot down, he will try to circumvent and disrespect any of our checks and balances in our government to enact a semblance of what he wants to shove down our throats.  

Perhaps even more disconcerting, Obama says, in the book Dreams from my Father, that when he hears the words from the U.S. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE (!!!) "We hold these truths to be self-evident....", he HEARS "the voices of those who stand outside this country's borders, the weary, hungry bands crossing the Rio Grande".  If that isn't the most anti-U.S. sovereignty statement ever uttered, using our own U.S. Declaration of Independence no less, I don't know what is!  

And here's the Senate's character:  The Senate is filled with Sellouts. However, in order for any of the Senate's little sayings to become law, the House of Representatives STILL has to back it up.  And, Obama, of course, knows this, though I doubt he has any respect for it.


We also have Florida's Senator Rubio using this as an opportunity for more face time for himself, and to have his face grace the covers of multiple magazines.  While this may be good for Marco Rubio's political popularity, it does NOT bode well for the U.S.  He just proves that our political sellouts are NOT just registered Democrats.  Indeed, the propensity for our politicians to sell U.S. out often TRANSCENDS political affiliations.

Marco Rubio gives a nod to enforcement to appeal to people who don't know this Issue well, but, of course, when pressed on how this will be different from the promises the American people heard in 1986, he just issues some vague utterances about "verifying".  He, in fact, CANNOT be more detailed, since he actually has NO IDEA how this would be accomplished.  But, his main objective of more face time for Marco has been accomplished.

Is Marco's cheerleader wife going to guard the border with her pom-poms?  She wouldn't last long un-raped or unharmed along the border.  But, that pom-pom protection would sadly be more protection than much of the border actually has!  

In all seriousness, the American people have heard this song before.  

The Senate's proposal is only 4 pages long, with a lot of Details omitted.  4 pages?!  That's probably as much as these sellouts can WRITE without it being clear that they don't know what they are talking about...they have to keep it short and sweet, lest all their lacks be exposed:  their lack of knowledge, especially ground knowledge; their lack of effective implementation of any of their proposals; their lack of acknowledgment that the American people do NOT owe anything to illegal alien trespassers, especially since we were ALREADY promised secure borders as part of the 1986 amnesty "deal" (which didn't happen).

And, indeed, we didn't owe anything to illegals in the major amnesty in 1986, but our American benevolence was used against us. 

Here's to U.S. being the Resistance against that happening again. 

One of the first rules of war is to know your enemies.  Obama does NOT have the interest of the American people at heart
, though he will PRETEND to.  He WILL try, and, indeed, is trying, to redefine the word "American" to mean compassionate to illegal alien trespassers, or something similar.  "We are a welcoming nation", may be something he utters.

This is Obama's usual Shakedown Showmanship before he will try to bully through as much of his agenda as possible.

For those of you who haven't watched it, NY ICE talks about Obama in the raw footage for the NY ICE Documentary.  Feel free to share with the like-minded, if you want:


January 2013--NY ICE Documentary Raw Footage

January 2013, New York, NY.  The Video above is raw, unedited footage of the NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) Documentary set to air in 2013.

The Video begins with the speaker talking about an incident of being stalked by an armed illegal alien in NYC.

NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) is the ONLY grassroots activist organization in NYC devoted to enforcing our existing immigration laws and effectively securing the borders.

American citizens and legal immigrants do NOT owe anything to those coming illegally to the U.S., contrary to what "OWE-bama" seems to think. Obama seems to think that he owes everyone BUT Americans.

NY ICE's sympathies are with Americans and legal immigrants, not illegal alien trespassers. We do NOT owe them anything. There have already been amnesties, notably the big one in 1986, from which the American people were supposed to have effectively secured borders as a result. THAT, of course, did NOT happen, and we now contend with multi-millions of trespassers in our Land. 

This should be an elucidating, interesting Documentary to say the least. 

December 2012--Obama Plays More "Let's Make a Deal" with Illegal Alien Trespassers

December 2012, Nationwide.  Obama continues to try to bypass process and play let's make a deal with illegal alien trespassers.

In his latest attempt, he is trying to end even the potential for deportation of any but "convicted" criminal illegal aliens.

What a joke!

Our borders are international jokes, and so is this.

Even supposedly "deported" illegal aliens simply keep on crossing over (illegally!) our porous borders.  Some are even deported multiple times, such as the baby rapist-murderer, Juan Galindo, who raped and killed a 1 month old baby.  He had been SERIALLY "deported".

Much of what Obama, whose name is virtually an acronym for Owing Everyone BUT AMericans, is doing is showy and pretentious, since he knows that without effectively secured borders, this all amounts to just showmanship without substance.

And, it's not as if any of these illegal people faced any real threat of being deported anyway.  In NYC, in many of the NY ICE demonstrations, people have proudly declared, "I'm illegal.  What are you going to do about it?"

It is NOT as if Obama can seriously stratify those illegally here.  Their histories are unknown and unknowable. 

In terms of "criminal" aliens, the Fed Government does NOT know, nor does it have the capabilities to know, which of these aliens actually have criminal histories outside the U.S. Mexico, where most illegals from Latin America are from, guards that information against "foreign governments". In other words, this initiative IS IN NO WAY PREVENTING CRIMES AGAINST AMERICANS, since in its own words, it will WAIT until an illegal is "convicted" of a violent crime against an American!

And, even IF that illegal is convicted (amidst cries of "racism", I'm sure), that illegal can simply RETURN through our perpetually porous borders.  And Obama's unspoken disinclination to even talk about effectively securing our borders has made sure of that. 

Obama is smoke, mirrors, and presentation. The Feds always do this...pretend they will go "after" the most dangerous illegals; they did this BEFORE
9/11 and look what happened! They were supposed to be going after the most "dangerous" illegals, the "terrorists", even then, and look what happened!

They do NOT acknowledge that even IF they do go after "convicted" illegals, it will be AFTER the harm is done. They will NOT prevent crimes committed by illegals at all. AND, they will NOT prevent a known "violent criminal alien" from simply coming back across the border.

Citizens and legal immigrants of the U.S., think about this:  What if it was your sister, mother, your father, your child, or any of your loved ones that was a victim of an illegal alien?  What if it was your loved one's job that was taken away to be given to someone illegally in the U.S.?  What if it was someone in YOUR family who was violently victimized by someone who wasn't even supposed to be in the U.S.? 

Fight for your American family.   The illegal alien trespasser and all their families WANT to TAKE from YOUR family.  They want a laundry list of things, including our sovereignty, our health care, our education system as free babysitting for their children, and much, much more...

The illegal alien family has something to steal from the U.S. 

The American family has everything to protect. 

Protect YOUR American family by encouraging everyone you know to oppose illegal alien trespassers and enforce existing immigration laws.

December 2012--Add Fraudulent Voter Registration to the List of Lies

December 2012, New York, NY.  The NY Board of Elections circulates Fraudulent Voter Registration Forms in Spanish. (Of course!  Even though proficiency in English is one of the requirements for citizenship, and many illegal people here from Latin America are, in fact, illiterate in Spanish).

These fraudulent Spanish Voter Registration Forms ask the applicant, in the first box, if he or she is a citizen of North America!  North America is actually comprised of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, where most illegals are from.  So, technically, the illegal alien from Mexico or Canada IS a citizen of North America!  A scanned hard copy of this Form is included below, with that Question of North American citizenship highlighted in orange.

So, the illegal alien from North America does NOT even have to get creative with his or her Voter Fraud in NY, because the NY Board of Elections does it for them!

This calls, of course, into question the veracity and legality of any of the election results.

Here is the scanned Fraudulent NY Voter Registration Form below:

December 2012--The Reason NY ICE Opposes the Term "Illegal Immigrant"

December 2012, New York, NY.  The above Photo is taken at one of the NY ICE Demonstrations.  The people behind the barricade are open-border, illegal alien advocates.

Illegal alien advocates often try to confuse the public about our Issue, and they often try to do this with language.  For example, they like to misname illegal aliens as "illegal immigrants",  "undocumented", or just "immigrants".

Illegal alien trespassers are none of these, and the misnaming is purposeful.  Illegal aliens are NOT illegal "immigrants" because "illegal immigrant" is actually an oxymoron, since the word "immigrant" connotes LEGALITY and advocates of these trespassers know this.  Immigrants actually go through a process to legally enter the U.S.; illegals circumvent that process when they illegally overstay their visas or illegally cross the border. 

Misnaming illegal aliens as "undocumented" is also a purposeful distraction, meant to infer that their status is a temporary state. 

It is NOT as if illegals somehow "lost" their "documents" , or, WORSE, are somehow waiting to get legal documents (which only traitorous politicians, like Newt, would agree with).  THEY NEVER HAD THEM.  THEY WERE NEVER LEGAL.

In fact, illegals often have multiple fraudulent documents, often with multiple surnames, so their identities are further obscured.  Who they are is UNKNOWN and unknowable. 

Mexico, which is where most of the illegals from Latin America are from, will NOT, in fact, release the criminal records of its Mexican citizens living illegally in the U.S., because, the Mexican Government says it will NOT release those records to the "foreign government" of the U.S.!  So, the Mexican Government expects us to let THEIR people illegally intrude upon the U.S., but we are NOT entitled to know who they are!  How's that for topsy-turvy, Orwellian craziness? 

Wars are often fought and won in the "court of public opinion", which is why NY ICE will never concede to calling them "undocumented".  Illegals are NEITHER "undocumented" nor "immigrants".  Do NOT let the adversary or much of the media obfuscate the Issue with their deliberately misleading terminology, designed to turn the foe foggy.  Call ILLEGAL ALIENS what they are: 


December 2012--Recent Rape of NYC College Student by an Illegal Alien:  Where's the Outcry?

September 28, 2012, New York, NY.  A NYC college student, on her way home, was attacked and raped by a Mexican illegal alien. The mainstream Press hasn't really made much of a deal about it, as usual. And, NY ICE maintains that if our borders were effectively secured and our immigration laws enforced, none of these violent crimes perpetrated by illegals would be happening. ALL of these violent crimes perpetrated by illegals are PREVENTABLE, and all of the aftermath of the subsequent suffering is AVOIDABLE.

There is NO OUTCRY for this, except that generated by those in our Movement. There is NO OUTCRY about THIS INDIVIDUAL victimized woman, nor a nod to what HER family will suffer. Again, the only families the mainstream media typically has sympathy for is the illegals'.

The craziness seems to be increasing, and illegals are more emboldened. They know that our immigration laws are international jokes. "Deportation" is often a joke when and if it occurs, because "deported" illegals often simply just re-cross that porous border.

And, all this goes on while D.R.E.A.M. and Deferred Action amnesties are proposed and/or enacted.  

And, all this goes on while 25 Americans are killed every day by an illegal alien, and a disproportionate number of illegals are also VIOLENT criminals, as what happened to this woman demonstrates.

If the Federal Government were serious about protecting American individuals and families, which we know it is NOT, it would make sure that the border was effectively secured FIRST before proposing any amnesties, because illegals who will claim to be future "Dreamers" are crossing the border *right now*.

Below is the Link to the article from the NY Post, who mentions that the perpetrator had an "immigration warrant" out on him. At least, the NY Post sometimes mentions the immigration status of the perpetrator, which often gets unmentioned in other media outlets:


November 2012--Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer Says: Effectively Secure the Border FIRST!

November 2012, Arizona.  Governor Jan Brewer issues the following Statement about effectively securing the border before any talk of more piecemeal amnesties.  It is copied in full below:


No More Broken Promises on Border Security

“If there is any consolation in last week's disappointing election results it is that illegal immigration has returned to the forefront of our national dialogue. This is a good thing. America’s immigration system is broken.

“But we must not rush head-long into a ‘solution’ that only makes things worse. Right now, there are well-meaning people – including some in my own party – who are advocating a grand bargain in which the American people would be promised border security in exchange for the granting of amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens. We’ve been here before.

“I remember it was in 1986 that my idol, President Reagan, helped usher through a similar compromise. Three million aliens became American citizens; the border was never secured. In fact, recent American history is littered with similar broken promises when it comes to border security.

“That’s why I have a simple request for the President and Congress: Secure our border first. Demonstrate that you take seriously the safety concerns of Americans living in the border region. With that completed, we can pursue – together – ways to fix our Nation’s broader immigration system in a fashion that is effective, practical and humane.”

October 2012--Recent NY ICE Press

October 2012, New York, NYNY ICE had  a 1/2 hour interview that was edited down to down to less than a minute of a sound bite!  Ah...such is often the case with the Press and our side.

We, at NY ICE, are all getting sick of these illegal alien pity party puff pieces!  And, the one illegal, Monica Sibri, that we are supposed to feel sorry for, actually contradicts herself.  At one point, she says she has HALF of her family in HER HOME of Ecuador, and then she says she has "no one" there!

Here is the Link.  And, of course, NY ICers feel free to Comment:


September 25, 2012--NY ICE Photographer Attacked with Spray Can

September 25, 2012, New York, NY.  Pamela H.,  the unofficial (and unpaid!) photographer of many of NY ICE's Actions, was attacked with a spray can in a NYC Subway Station by a woman named Mona Eltahawy, who was also defacing property.

The most upsetting aspect of the attack was Mona's disrespect for the property of Pamela's person, and Mona's topsy-turvy logic, even thinking that the NYPD was supposed to defend HER (Mona) as she defaced property and attacked Pamela.  It is often a common trait of our adversary to go after our property, and that includes our property of person--they have an entitled attitude the allows them to shamelessly commit assault, and consider THEMSELVES the victims in the process.

Pamela has been a victim of their harassment and assaults in the past.  It is a common intimidation tactic. 

IF Mona had "only" wanted to deface the property in the NYC Subway, she could have returned when Pamela was NOT there, but she felt entitled to do it WHEN she wanted to do it, and would self-righteously assault anyone that "got in her way".  Ironically, Mona claims to have been sexually assaulted herself in Egypt by a gang of men who possessed the same entitled disrespect that allows for the violent violation of a person, the very same attitude of acceptable violence against a non-violent person that Mona herself now exudes.

The Photo below illustrates Pamela's bravery::

September 2012--Arizona's SB 1070 Goes Full Speed AHEAD:  The Most Critical Section Is Finally Empowered

September 2012,  Arizona.  Now, Arizona's SB 1070 is really empowered to end the illegal alien trespassing lunacy.  "The most critical section", as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer puts it, was finally removed from litigious purgatory and enacted. 

NY ICE has been strongly allied with Arizona's SB 1070 since the inception of SB 1070 in 2010.  NY ICE was usually the only Group SUPPORTING Arizona's SB 1070 when various adversaries conducted their usual protests about it.  If you haven't, you may want to view (and share with the like-minded) our initial support of Arizona, as videotaped by our own Pamela H. via this Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgMOWPBNmsg or by watching below:

Here is how Arizona's SB 1070 has been empowered:  As many of you know, Arizona's SB 1070 had some of its more "contentious" parts placed on hold, as various people, including Obama, sued Arizona over it.

One of the parts on "hold" was whether police officers, while enforcing other laws, would be required to question the immigration status of those they suspect to be in the Country illegally.

That part has passed, which is a Victory for our side!

You can read about it on various sites, but below is the one from AP.  Some of the Commentators below the article, like "Anchorsaway", have very righteous screen names:


To learn more about NY ICE's support of Arizona's SB 1070, please visit our Arizona Support Page: http://www.nyice.us/StandWithArizonasSB1070.html

August 2012--Anchors Away:  Ending the Anchor Baby Amnesty

August 2012,  Nationwide.  Illegal alien parents of anchor babies abuse the 14th Amendment, which was never meant for illegal alien trespassers, but for the descendants of U.S. slaves.

The fault lies with the illegal alien parents, who, with full knowledge of the illegality of their actions, trespassed into the U.S. or overstayed their visas in order to pop out what they will misconstrue to be an American citizen, an "anchor" to American resources for the WHOLE FAMILY, or those they *will claim* are family.

NY ICE President, Joanna, explains it best in this video below, also available by visiting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcbnVtp4ADE, and shot by NY ICE Member, Pamela H.:


June 2012.  Nationwide.  Since Obama's attempts to pass the "D.R.E.A.M" amnesty have righteously failed, he recently decided to bypass Congress and issue D.R.E.A.M.-type legislation through edict.

This begs the Questions:  Why?  And, Why Now?

The facts are these: 

1.  Most people illegally in the U.S. are from Latin America, and, of those, most are Mexican.  And, many of those illegal Mexicans are people that their own country of Mexico doesn't want, so the Mexican government encourages their unwanted to come to the U.S.  Indeed, the U.S. is the escape valve for the millions of Mexicans that Mexico doesn't want, and pushing these Mexicans to leave Mexico is only matched by their encouragement to hate the U.S. and send back those illegally-obtained remittances.  (Mexico receives upwards of $20 billion American dollars ANNUALLY from Mexicans illegally in the U.S.)

2.  Obama's up for re-election. 

3.  People illegally in the U.S. cannot legally VOTE in the U.S.

4.  People in the U.S. illegally are NOT immigrants.  Immigrants go through a process to come to this Country, and illegal aliens circumvent that process when they trespass across the border illegally, or overstay their visas illegally.

5.  Our porous borders have allowed this situation to evolve and exacerbate.  Our borders were supposed to be effectively secured as a result of the amnesty back in 1986, which never happened.  As a result, the number of people illegally in the U.S. has exponentially increased.

6.  Obama could have, if he had wanted to (and he doesn't), issued an edict to effectively secure the border.

Obama wants to be re-elected, and, like many of our U.S. politicians, he will say what he THINKS is most advantageous to him advancing his political career.  Obama does NOT care about the best interest of American people and legal immigrants.  This is his idea of "Hispandering"; he thinks that pandering to illegal aliens will help him with Hispanic LEGAL voters. Apparently, he thinks that LEGAL voters will sympathize with those illegally in the U.S.   Equally terrible, he thinks that all Hispanics think the same.  News flash, Obama:  Americans of Hispanic descent are a DIVERSE bunch; they don't all think the same, nor vote the same.  The President of NY ICE is herself an American of Hispanic descent and she wants our existing immigration laws enforced.

Obama's amnesty, as of press time, is NOT legalization or a path to citizenship. It means that illegal alien "children" (and "children" is used very loosely here, to mean no older than 30), who likely did NOT even face deportation ANYWAY, will NOT have to fear it all, AND they will be allowed to work here.

And, of course, DNA testing is hardly conducted.  Our system does NOT conduct routine DNA testing of these "family" members, and it really could be anybody that they claim as family. The President of NY ICE says:  "I view anchor babies who were popped out of their illegal alien mother on U.S. Land and anchor children who were transported here by their family the same way: illegally here. These "children" are all pawns, used by their parents to access U.S. resources, used by Obama to further his political agenda".

We must remember that how Americans tend to see children (as innocent and NOT to be exploited, etc) is NOT largely how the Latin American Third World sees them. It's ok, to them, to use them as pawns for access to the U.S.'s resources, and, in some Mexican villages, a girl is considered an adult at 12 years old. That's why, in some parts of NYC, you see Third World adult men blatantly and publicly sexually pursuing young girls in our streets.

BUT, illegals and their handlers know how to use American sympathies against us. They will play the "kid card". They will keep saying that the illegal was brought here as a "child".

ALSO, regarding the supposed "criminal background check" that supposedly will be conducted in this amnesty, it is completely UNKNOWABLE whether or not they are violent criminals. In fact, the Mexican government under *their laws* won't release that information to "foreign" (U.S.) governments....
"The memo said the government would not pursue immigrants who met five criteria. Individuals must:
  • Have come to the United States under the age of 16,
  • Be no older than 30,
  • Be currently enrolled in school, have graduated high school or served in the military,
  • Have been in the country for five continuous years, and
  • Have a clean criminal record."

Obama is a racist for thinking everyone in the U.S. who has Hispanic ancestry is going to support, and not see through, his transparent pandering before the election.


May 2012, New York, NY.  As many of our NY ICE allies know, NY ICE's old banner was destroyed by the adversary during our May 1, 2012 counter protest.  Footage of this does appear on the NY ICE Home Page if you haven't already viewed it, www.nyice.us, under the entry entitled 'Undocumented and Unafraid?  Hardly.  Try 'Illegal and Violent'.  It is well known that the adversary is only concerned with "freedom of speech" and "property rights" inasmuch as they can twist it to serve them.  If you disagree with them, they have a blatant disregard for anyone else's Freedom of Speech or Property Rights, which is why they destroyed our banner.

NY ICE is happy to report that we have replaced our destroyed banner with a bigger, better one.  Below is one of the Photos of it:



February 2012, San Diego, California.  NY ICE belongs to a national Movement, where accurate information throughout our Country makes its way to NY ICE and to our efforts as the only activist group in NYC to believe in enforcing our existing immigration laws.


The video Link at the bottom of this Entry comes to NY ICE through Member, and look at this chain: It was originally filmed in San Diego, CA and uploaded by an Activist in Virginia, making its way to NJ, where the NY ICE Member passed it along to NY ICE.


It is especially useful for NY ICE Members to watch because the video shows the tactics and propaganda typical of our opposition.


The video is only about 10 minutes long, and features a man from our side who is SIMPLY TRYING TO FILM THEIR EVENT. It's an event in which "Chicano Power" and "La Raza" are repeatedly shouted, and his camera is repeatedly blocked by the Mexican flag, and he is intimidated by pseudo-soldiers who are wearing Mexican flag patches on their soldier uniforms.


Now, most of us in NY ICE know that illegal aliens come mostly from Latin America, and, of those, most are Mexican, and many of them believe in the fantasy of “Aztlan”.


It is very notable and ironic that these illegals and their advocates shout "What are you doing here?" to the videographer, as if he is the one who has NO RIGHT to be there. It also would be comical, if the situation were not so serious, when they tell him that he is the one making this a "racial issue" after hearing them repeatedly shout "Chicano Power" and "La Raza". *Almost* funny. And, of course, "illegal is NOT a race"--quote from Anna Gaines, American activist of Mexican descent and NY ICE ally and friend.

You can view the footage below, and here is the Link:




January 2012. This information was relayed to NY ICE from Ruthie from Minnesota. THANK YOU, Ruthie...you are tireless and under-appreciated!

Those involved with the Struggle for our sovereignty would probably be interested in Newt's appearance on Univision (YES, Univision!) saying that he wants to get us to "legality for the entire Country". Yikes! That's code-speak for another amnesty, and he BRAGS about being part of the 1986 amnesty. The Link appears at the bottom of this entry.

First of all, Newt is on UNIVISION! The President of NY ICE won't even go on Univision because Univision notoriously advocates for illegals. He is pandering, of course, and probably hopes that none of us who believe in ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT will be listening to Univision.

AND, he is LYING because, as he says, he was part of the 1986 amnesty (where, of course, we were supposed to have effectively secured borders as a result, which did NOT happen), and he is currently complaining and pretending that attrition (aka self-deportation) would apply to "GRANDMOTHERS".

Let's do the math. If there was an amnesty in 1986 and everyone who was illegally in the U.S was amnestied up until 1986, then a supposed "grandmother" he is apparently so worried about would be at MOST 26 years-old! Let's let that sink in. A 26 year-old grandma. WHERE does that exist? What COUNTRY does Newt live in? Even better Question: What Country is he fighting for?

The scariest quote was towards the end, when Newt says he wants to get "legality for the entire Country". Oh My God...he wants to legalize the illegals and that's the solution for him! That's why he's on Univision.

Here is that Link:




January 2012, San Diego, CA. The Link at the bottom of this entry comes to NY ICE through Jeff H. and our friends at Stand With Arizona. Thank you!

This is outrageous, of course, and, if they tried this in NY....well, NY ICE wouldn't let this go unnoticed.

Basically, the Federal Government (in its apparently infinite capacity for selling U.S. out) has spent 1.6 Million, NOT on the border (of course), BUT to erect and restore monuments to the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic supremacist organization, and to Ernesto (Che) Guevara. This is happening in San Diego, California. (It appears illegals and their advocates are actually RUNNING THE SHOW there).

You can find out more about the anti-American, racist organization called the National Council of La Raza by visiting their own website, www.nclr.org. Regarding Ernesto (Che) Guevara, many Members of NY ICE know Ernesto's image from the many Tshirts, banners, and other memorabilia praising him. What those who wear it do NOT usually know is that Ernesto was ACTUALLY arrested for being ILLEGALLY IN MEXICO. And, now, we have him as a part of monuments to Mexico and the fantasy of "Aztlan"!

You can't make this stuff up! And, of course, his image is presented in the Link as much more darker-complexioned than he actually was. His full name was Ernesto Guevara Lynch; he was part Irish, and part of the Argentinian aristocracy. Ernesto looked white! But, illegal alien advocates want to misrepresent this as a war between the "brown" and "non-brown". (In most Mexican towns and villages where most of the illegals from Mexico are coming from, they are very racist against black people). So, they do NOT include black in the "brown". And, of course, "brown" is NOT a race, nor is "Hispanic", which is an ethnicity. Furthermore, illegal Mexicans view this war NOT as "brown" against white, but REALLY Mexican, described as "brown", against non-Mexican. AND, let us informed NY ICE Members never forget the violence with which the Mexican government treats its own illegals that are mostly from other countries in Latin America!

In the topsy-turvy, anything-goes, Orwellian world that illegal alien advocates inhabit, the FACTS about Ernesto do NOT matter. It's what he can be used for. They want you to think this man, who was actually arrested for being ILLEGALLY IN MEXICO, *was* Mexican! It's about getting what they want, NO MATTER how they have to lie to get it...

And, here the Federal Government helps them. Feel free to Comment. Some of the Comments are really elucidating: