NY ICE: Doing the Job the Federal Government Won't Do
WELCOME to NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement). We are NYC's ONLY activist group devoted to having our existing immigration laws ENFORCED "for a change". The pro-open borders advocates are the real racists! To get involved, email progressrose@yahoo.com.

The above picture does not represent the most recent NY ICE Action. Please view the tabs on the left AND BELOW to get a fuller scope of NY ICE Activities, including more recent ones under the Recent Items tab.

The above photo was taken on July 28, 2007 when NY ICE joined the people of Morristown, NJ in support of their courageous mayor, Mayor Cresitello, who is trying to protect his town from the detrimental effects of illegal mass migration through a program called 287g. What is 287g, you ask? In short, 287g makes it possible for arresting police officers to not only check whether arrestees are illegally in our country, but also to initiate deportation proceedings if they are. And, contrary to what many people believe, without 287g, officers can't do that as of press time--they can't initiate deportation proceedings. And, this goes on while over 30% of federal inmates are illegally in our country (numbersusa.com)

NY ICE would love to see its own Mayor Bloomberg have the backbone to initate 287g. But, "buffered by his billions" Bloomberg is too out-of-touch to see the realities of the detrimental effects of illegal mass migration on our City, which is why NY ICE held a rally in front of Bloomberg's home on May 30th, 2007(more on that in our "Bloomberg Rally" page).

In Memory of Serenity Reedy:  Another Baby Raped and Killed by an Illegal Alien

On June 8, 2013, in California, a 9 month old baby named Serenity Reedy was found killed, and an illegal alien from Mexico named Jose Luis Aguilar has been charged.

Serenity Reedy suffered head trauma and vaginal cuts and abrasions.

Like Aguilar, most illegals come from Latin America, and it is a common practice in many Latin American Countries for an illegal alien man to prey upon an unattached mother FOR THE PURPOSE OF MOLESTING HER DAUGHTER. 

Jose Luis Aguilar likely targeted little Serenity's mother because she had a daughter.

Many Americans assume that the fundamental values and precepts that make us a good society are universally shared, and they're not.  For example, in many of these villages and towns that these illegal alien men from Mexico are coming from, the age of sexual consent for a little girl is as young as 12 years old.

But, Rubio and Schumer, proponents of the biggest illegal alien amnesty in U.S. history, will never talk about Serenity.  Instead, they will make fictitious nods to "criminal background checks" of illegal aliens which are IMPOSSIBLE since Mexico will NOT release the criminal histories of its citizens living illegally in the U.S. 

Jose Luis Aguilar probably has perpetrated something like this in his home country of Mexico, but we will never know, nor will Serenity's mother.  Mexico will never release that history about Aguilar, and will retain the "rights" to the criminal histories of the rest of their citizens living illegally in the U.S.

Please read more about Serenity in Dave Gibson's Article b

For more information on NY ICE's Special Victims, please visit our Special Victims Page:  http://www.nyice.us/SpecialVictims.html

June 2013--Americans Do NOT Owe Illegals ANYTHING:  Countering the Illegals AND the Spanish Press at Cuomo's Office

June 11, 2013, New York, NY. NY ICE counter protested the illegal aliens most recent push for their D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty in front of NY Governor Cuomo's Office.

Members of the Spanish Press NOT ONLY openly colluded with illegal alien college students, but they were obscene and violent, especially illustrated in the Video above. The Spanish Press is typically biased for every illegal alien amnesty, but they were shamelessly supporting the illegal alien stampede on this occasion.

PLEASE watch the 10 minutes of Video above, or at this Link: http://youtu.be/SGOPKnanNds

This Video will evidence, at about the 7 minute mark, a male reporter from the NTN 24 Spanish Press try to intimidate NY ICE by saying, "You are NOT allowed (?!) to publish that, and, if you do, I'm going to sue your fu*king ass, b%tch". He then actually PUSHED NY ICE.

NY ICE comments in Video above that illegal alien supporters ALSO try to invent their own laws, like the NTN 24 Spanish Press reporter above did. No, NTN 24 reporter, we are "allowed" to film YOU, but illegals are violating U.S. Law when they illegally TRESPASS or illegally remain in our Country!

The Video will also show the intimidation tactics and violence that are the standards for the other side. And, they try to block NYC traffic in a stampede that interferes with a NYC bus.

Watch the Video to see what this war is really about in NYC, and how illegal alien college students, far from being "unafraid", are actually DEMANDING BULLIES.

They are NOT immigrants. Immigrants go through a process, and the D.R.E.A.M. amnesty isn't even about access to college, but about access to FINANCIAL AID.

NY ICE stayed strong throughout the whole Counter, despite the bullying babies of the other side, and the Spanish Press's support for the stampede. The Photo below is of 2 NY ICE Members:

January 2013--NY ICE Raw Documentary Footage

January 2013, New York, NY.  The Video above is raw, unedited footage of the NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) Documentary set to air in 2013.

The Video begins with the speaker talking about an incident of being stalked by an armed illegal alien in NYC.

NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) is the ONLY grassroots activist organization in NYC devoted to enforcing our existing immigration laws and effectively securing the borders.

American citizens and legal immigrants do NOT owe anything to those coming illegally to the U.S., contrary to what "OWE-bama" seems to think. Obama seems to think that he owes everyone BUT Americans.

NY ICE's sympathies are with Americans and legal immigrants, not illegal alien trespassers. We do NOT owe them anything. There have already been amnesties, notably the big one in 1986, from which the American people were supposed to have effectively secured borders as a result. THAT, of course, did NOT happen, and we now contend with multi-millions of trespassers in our Land. 

This should be an elucidating, interesting Documentary to say the least. 



May 1, 2012, New York, NY. NY ICE conducted its annual May 1st COUNTER PROTEST on May 1, 2012.

Far from being "undocumented and unafraid", as they like to call themselves, pro-amnesty supporters were ILLEGAL AND VIOLENT.

NY ICE was spat on and had water and water bottles thrown at us.

NY ICE had different contingents throughout NYC, but this mob attack happened to just 3 of the NY ICE Members, and clearly shows the ganging up and BULLYING of the mob.

Also, the footage will show the NY ICE banner being torn, to the glee of the adversary.

A girl in pink runs behind the President of NY ICE, Joanna Marzullo, and then throws the NY ICE sign to the ground, and then retreats into the crowd. The footage will show that as well. The President of NY ICE is saying repeatedly that NY ICE "... is what courage looks like", since it was just the few of us against the 100's of them.

Joanna says, "I can barely keep up with my emails of encouragement that I have received from people throughout our Country who have viewed the footage of NY ICE, which, at the point and location of filming, was down to just *3* Members, being mobbed by a pack of rabid bullies".

For those of you who haven't viewed the video, please view it and share with friends.

Here is the Link, which Joanna shot herself while it was happening: https://vimeo.com/87020888.  And, you can also view it here:
For a spectator's view, where you can see the NY ICE Members, here is that Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbcPMMFtbgE&feature=player_embedded.  And, you can also view it here:

The NY ICE Banner that was destroyed by the adversary has been replaced with a bigger, better one.  Please view our Recent Items tab to see a Photo! 


January 2012, New York, NY.  In many ways, this is a war of words.  People who are illegally here, and their advocates, want illegal aliens to be called "undocumented".  This is a very misleading misnomer.  Misnaming illegal aliens as "undocumented" is a purposeful distraction, meant to infer that their status is a temporary state.

It is NOT as if illegals somehow "lost" their "documents", or, WORSE, are somehow waiting to get legal documents (which only traitorous politicians, like Newt, would agree with).  THEY NEVER HAD THEM.  THEY WERE NEVER LEGAL.

Wars are often fought and won in the "court of public opinion", which is why NY ICE will never concede to calling them "undocumented".  Illegals are NEITHER "undocumented" nor "immigrants".   Do NOT let the adversary or much of the media obfuscate the Issue with their deliberately misleading terminology, designed to turn the foe foggy.  Call ILLEGAL ALIENS what they are:



April 2012, New York, NY.  So, the illegals and their advocates, in their apparent infinite predisposition towards stampedes, are *stampeding* from NYC to Albany in an effort to attain the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty (aka "D.R.E.A.M. Act") in NY.  For those of you who don't know about the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty in NY, it is their effort to gain, for illegal alien college students in NY, what the federal D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty has repeatedly (and righteously) failed to do.  So, illegal alien college students in NY are trying to get it for those just in NY!

Of course, illegal aliens are ALREADY in our colleges!  The President of NY ICE, Joanna, says:  "THE D.R.E.A.M. AMNESTY IS PRIMARILY ABOUT ILLEGAL ALIEN COLLEGE STUDENTS GAINING ACCESS TO FINANCIAL AID". 

Far from being "undocumented and unafraid", as they like to call themselves, they are DEMANDING to be able to go to college *with financial aid*.  Almost funny.

But, here is what is uplifting:  The tide has been changing in NY.  Legal New Yorkers are increasingly less susceptible to the tactics and lies of illegal aliens, who will say anything to get what they want.  Increasingly, legal New Yorkers are independently thinking and reluctant to be castrated by "political correctness".

Here's an idea:  Instead of offering illegal alien college students an opportunity to compete with Americans over the finite amount of NY financial aid, let's start enforcing existing immigration laws!  Now, NY ICE would say "Yes, We Can!" TO THAT.


December 18, 2011, New York, NY.  Special gratitude to David R., Lawrence W., and Gerard P.for their participation in our Counter Protest of the illegals on 12.18.11, and the illegals' most recent attempt to hop the "we are the 99%" bandwagon.  (Hey, they always have to hop over something...the border, the bandwagon, etc).

NY ICE’s Gerard P. covered the event, and his coverage is chock-full of the usual propaganda from the other side, which I hope, as NY ICE Members, we are becoming VERY FAMILIAR with, and prepared for how we will handle their knee-jerk propaganda.  His Link appears at the end of this email, and I encourage all of you to take a look. 

Gerard P.'s post begins with some illegal alien’s story about how she was starving, and forced to eat dirt.  Another un-provable, un-knowable story, which the listeners are supposed to take for granted as accurate, and NOT the attempt to elicit and prey upon American sympathy that it is.  A lot of illegals, in fact, make this "starving" claim.  Look closely...do any of them look starving???   

Starving people of other countries are emaciated.  In the taken-for-a-ride U.S., we feed those illegally here.  And, in return, they ask us for MORE and we get their hatred.

Gerard's post also features the well-worn illegal alien fictitious claim that they are somehow "immigrants".  NY ICE Members know that they are NOT immigrants, who actually come through a process to get to the U.S., but illegal alien TRESPASSERS. 

Of particular importance was when Gerard stated that although illegal aliens are quick to try and say that "their families are torn apart" (which, even IF it's true, by WHOM?  They do it to themselves by coming here illegally.  And, no one should have any "white" GUILT about it that they can manipulate you through; the word “white” is often used by the racist other side to just mean AMERICAN).  NO ONE mentions how many AMERICAN families are torn apart by the illegal alien infiltration, and the consequences we are forced to endure from their illegal admission into our Country.  Consequences like jobs undercut and stolen from the American people, hospitals closing, school overcrowding, and THAT's before we go into the disproportionate amount of VIOLENT crimes perpetrated by illegals, like rape and murder.

Do NOT let them diminish the righteous anger you should, as an American or legal immigrant, have over your Country being trespassed into by people who REFUSE TO LEAVE.

Here is Gerard's Link.  He often writes about NY ICE and the issue of illegal mass migration: