NY ICE: Doing the Job the Federal Government Won't Do


25 Americans are killed every single day by someone illegally in our Country. (AND, no, NY ICE does NOT believe that another amnesty should be offered to the non-murderous illegal alien trespassers).

This entry is devoted to the NY ICE Members who have had their loved ones killed by an illegal alien, or victims that have been specifically called to NY ICE's attention by its Membership.

In Memory of Dominic:

The Above Video is a tribute to Dominic Durden, who was killed by an alien illegally in California named Juan Zacarias Lopez Tzun.

His mother, Sabine Durden, brought Dominic's ashes to DC so that the typical couldn't-care-less politicians would have to be in the presence of her dead son's ashes.

Sabine has since founded an organization to honor Dominic called Dom Hugs, and this is his website:  http://www.domhugs.com

Special Victim Dog Who Was Raped by an Illegal Alien:

On March 10, 2014 in South Carolina, an illegal alien named Lorenzo Paez Calles  was arrested for raping a blue-nosed pitbull.  You can read more about Lorenzo and view his Photo on NY ICE's Faces of Hate Page at this Linkhttp://www.nyice.us/FacesofHate.html

The victim was the owner's youngest female pitbull, and the owner caught Calles in the act of raping her dog.

The dog was brought for emergency veterinary care, and has lived through this.  You can read more about this at:  http://www.examiner.com/article/illegal-alien-charged-with-raping-dog-south-carolina

In Memory of Serenity Reedy:

On June 8, 2013, a 9 month old baby named Serenity Reedy in Richland, WA was found killed with severe trauma, cuts, and abrasions to her vaginal area indicating that she had been raped, and an illegal alien from Mexico named Jose Luis Aguilar has been charged.  Aguilar was arrested in Barstow, California as he was on his way to his home country of Mexico.

Like Aguilar, most illegals come from Latin America, and it is a common practice in many Latin American Countries for an illegal alien man to prey upon an unattached mother FOR THE PURPOSE OF MOLESTING HER DAUGHTER. 

Jose Luis Aguilar likely targeted little Serenity's mother because she had a daughter.

Many Americans assume that the fundamental values and precepts that make us a good society are universally shared, and they're not.  For example, in many of these villages and towns that these illegal alien men from Mexico are coming from, the age of sexual consent for a little girl is as young as 12 years old.

But, Rubio and Schumer, proponents of the biggest illegal alien amnesty in U.S. history, will never talk about Serenity.  Instead, they will make fictitious nods to "criminal background checks" of illegal aliens which are IMPOSSIBLE since Mexico will NOT release the criminal histories of its citizens living illegally in the U.S. 

Jose Luis Aguilar probably has perpetrated something like this in his home country of Mexico, but we will never know, nor will Serenity's mother.  Mexico will never release that history about Aguilar, and will retain the "rights" to the criminal histories of the rest of their citizens living illegally in the U.S.

Please read more about Serenity in Dave Gibson's Article b


September 28, 2012, New York, NY.  A NYC college student, on her way home, was attacked and raped by a Mexican illegal alien. The mainstream Press hasn't really made much of a deal about it, as usual. And, NY ICE maintains that if our borders were effectively secured and our immigration laws enforced, none of these violent crimes perpetrated by illegals would be happening. ALL of these violent crimes perpetrated by illegals are PREVENTABLE, and all of the aftermath of the subsequent suffering is AVOIDABLE.

There is NO OUTCRY for this, except that generated by those in our Movement. There is NO OUTCRY about THIS INDIVIDUAL victimized woman, nor a nod to what HER family will suffer. Again, the only families the mainstream media typically has sympathy for is the illegals'.

The craziness seems to be increasing, and illegals are more emboldened. They know that our immigration laws are international jokes. "Deportation" is often a joke if and when it occurs, because "deported" illegals often simply just re-cross that porous border.

And, all this goes on while D.R.E.A.M. and Deferred Action amnesties are proposed and/or enacted.  

And, all this goes on while 25 Americans are killed every day by an illegal alien, and a disproportionate number of illegals are also VIOLENT criminals, as what happened to this woman demonstrates.

If the Federal Government was serious about protecting American individuals and families, which we know it is NOT, it would make sure that the border was effectively secured FIRST before proposing any amnesties, because illegals who will claim to be future "Dreamers" are crossing the border *right now*.

Below is the Link to the article from the NY Post, who mentions that the perpetrator had an "immigration warrant" out on him. At least, the NY Post sometimes mentions the immigration status of the perpetrator, which often gets unmentioned in other media outlets:



Jean McCarthy was murdered by an illegal alien drunk driver in New Jersey on December 17, 2011, right before Christmas.  Illegal aliens, of course, are NOT legally permitted to drive, and, not only was this illegal alien driving, he was driving DRUNK!  Unfortunately, this is all-too-prevalent a story.  The biased media often bludgeons the American people with largely unverifiable and exaggerated stories of how illegal alien families are being allegedly "separated", but don't pay half as much heed to the American families destroyed by illegal aliens. 

Jean McCarthy's murder did NOT go unnoticed by NY ICE as it was by the biased media who only cares about the alleged "separation" of families of illegal aliens.  NY ICE maintains that all of these murders would be preventable if the U.S. actually enforced its own immigration laws, as we were promised as a result of the 1986 amnesty.  A promise that the U.S. Federal Government NEVER followed through with.

Jean McCarthy was an American Mother, and our condolences and sympathies go out to her daughter, family, friends, and all those effected when the McCarthy family was permanently separated from her by the callous illegal alien driving drunk in New Jersey.

In Memory of Jean:


Peter Kelly was murdered by illegal aliens. Peter is the man in the photo below.  Peter is one of the 25 Americans killed every day by someone illegally in the U.S.  He was ganged up upon, and murdered.  Read more about Peter in this Link: www.fncic-voiacm.org/victims.php?id=971

In Memory of Peter:


NY ICE Member, Karen A.'s, son, Mark Stenberg, was murdered by an illegal alien's shoddy construction work. Mark is holding his child in the photo below. Hiring illegal aliens in construction is very popular, and most people don't talk about the American cost of that; there are repercussions. Repercussions like accidents and deaths because illegals don't know what they are doing. Employers have hired them to cut their own financial costs, without considering the human costs, since that employer will NOT feel those personally. The Mexican illegal alien construction worker who killed Karen's son in WASHINGTON STATE was named RIGOBERTO MORALES. He didn't understand enough about weights and measures to know what kind of bolt to secure a 2000 pound wall with, a wall which consequently fell on Mark. The ACCOUNTABLE foreman who knew (and didn't care) that Rigoberto Morales was dangerously NOT securing the wall correctly is named JOE ROSS. These kinds of emotional costs are often kept invisible from the public, since the majority of the press concentrates only on the illegal alien pity party and lies. Read more about Mark in this Link: www.fncic-voiacm.org/victims.php?vfname=Mark&v/name=Stenberg&State=WA&negligence=search

In Memory of Mark:


NY ICE Member, Jim S., directed NY ICE's attention to the recent (but, unfortunately, less-than-unusual) case of a "deported" Mexican illegal raping an 8-year-old girl, and then trying to hide in the anonymity of NYC in January 2012. In the sustained, international joke that the U.S. lack of effective border security has become, illegal aliens who have been deported, EVEN SERIALLY DEPORTED, simply keep coming back. The reason why the situation is not EVEN WORSE is because there are American citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights at the border. Here is the Link: http://poststar.com/news/local/three-time-deportee-charged-with-sexually-assaulting-girl-in-granville/article_37e4ac60-4603-11e1-b088-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz1kozMeL7n


NY ICE Member, Ruthie H., informed NY ICE of nun Helen Chaska, who was raped and strangled to death with her own rosary beads- rosary beads that were left embedded in her neck-by Mexican illegal alien, MAXIMILIANO ESPARZA. Read more about this at the Link http://www.fncic-voiacm.org/victims.php?id=296


NY ICE Member, Ruthie H., informed NY ICE about the January 2012 case of ANOTHER "deported" illegal raping and murdering a ONE MONTH BABY GIRL. This case is duplicated on NY ICE's Faces of Hate Page, and the face of hate, of course, belongs to JUAN GALINDO, the illegal alien who had no qualms about brutalizing a baby this way.  Pass along this Link, FOR THIS ONE MONTH OLD BABY GIRL, who died after being raped by an illegal. The illegal's name is Juan Galindo. Here is the Link that includes the face of hate of Juan Galindo: http://www.koat.com/r/30133624/detail.html

Our NY ICE Arizonan friend, Anna Gaines, has borne witness to a similar tragedy of a *different* illegal raping and killing a baby when NY ICE was informed of this murder of a one month old baby.

The pro-illegal alien mob will undoubtedly say their tired slogan of "not all illegals are rapists, murderers, etc."

Here is on-the-ground reality: The VERY first act of an illegal in the U.S. is one of defiance of assimilation into the U.S.: Entering our sovereign Nation illegally. After this initial disregard of assimilation, he/ she makes countless others.

The illegal who comes from Latin America, as this baby rapist-murderer, Juan Galindo does, is BRINGING his "culture" with him, and this "culture" usually includes his village's or country's socially accepted, outright, and visible disregard for females. He thinks it is his RIGHT (putting how they misuse "rights" really into perspective here) to rape a baby girl. That's what she's THERE FOR IN HIS EYES.

Frequent guest, Rusty Fleming, on Ruthie's "The Ruthie Report" has put it this way: In most towns in Mexico [where most illegals from Latin America are, in fact, from], women are regarded as LESS THAN DIRT. NOT even the equivalent of dirt.

The illegal alien baby rapist murderer, Juan Galindo, also has 6 different children from multiple mothers. He has also had a history of such behavior. He was ALSO ALREADY DEPORTED. Just goes to show...the border needs to be *effectively* secured.

FOR HER, for that baby who will never read or speak.

READ and TALK about what happened TO HER. Here is that Link: