NY ICE: Doing the Job the Federal Government Won't Do


On May 30, 2007, NY ICE rallied near Mayor Bloomberg's home. NY ICE was forced to move from in front of Bloomberg's home, because, apparently, the mayor's residence has better protection than our own borders. Here's a picture of some of the NY ICE protestors:

And below is the Press Release for our Rally Against Bloomberg:

For Immediate Release

New York, NY-- New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement (NY ICE) will rally in front of Mayor Bloomberg’s home at 17 East 79th Street (off of 5th Avenue) in Manhattan on Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 at 5:30pm.

Mike Bloomberg has a record of support for illegal alien trespassers, and has actually opposed the Senate’s amnesty proposal because he feels it does NOT accommodate enough to illegal aliens.

NY ICE opposes the current Senate amnesty proposal because we want our existing immigration laws enforced for a change. We should try enforcing existing immigration laws, like employer sanctions when they hire illegals, before even entertaining amnesty.

There was already an amnesty in 1986, when our legislative liars promised the American people that we would have secure borders as a tradeoff for amnesty. And, guess what? Here we are, more than 20 years later, and our borders are still NOT secured.

If NY ICE is forced to move from in front of Bloomberg’s home, it will exemplify the Mayor’s hypocrisy-- he is all for allowing millions of illegal aliens to trespass across our borders, BUT we cannot stand in front of his home to call attention to it?

Mike Bloomberg should STOP allowing NYC to be a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens, and allow the NYPD to ask about the immigration status of its arrestees. Currently, the NYPD is handcuffed when it comes to asking about an arrestee’s immigration status-- and, this occurs while at least 25 Americans are killed EVERY DAY by an illegal alien trespasser who should never have been in our country to begin with. (numbersusa.com)

NY ICE is open to all Americans and legal immigrants who believe in enforcement-ONLY immigration legislation. We represent the diversity and rich culture of New York, and welcome Americans and legal immigrants of all races, ethnicities, and religions who are united in our common struggle to protect our borders through enforcement-ONLY immigration legislation.

To get involved or for more information about NY ICE, please contact 718.701.5947, or email: progressrose@yahoo.com